TUINCYN 1600Lm Extremely Bright H1 LED Fog Light Bulbs Replacement 6500K White High Power 80W CSP Chips DRL Daylight LED Bulb DC 12V-24V (2-Pack)

Product Description

LED LOAD RESISTORS H1 LED Headlight Bulb H1 LED Fog Light Bulb 78SMD (1) BAU15S LED BULB 1157 led bulb amber 194 168 T10 LED BULB amber (1)
TUINCYN High Decording Rate LED Load Resistors TUINCYN High Brighness H1 LED Headlight Bulb TUINCYN H1 LED Fog Light Bulb TUINCYN Quality Bau15s LED Bulb TUINCYN 1157 LED Bulb Turn Signals TUINCYN Bright T10 194 168 LED Bulb
ITEM TYPE 50W 8 ohm LED Load Resistors H1 LED Headlight Bulb H1 LED Fog Light Bulb BAU15S LED Turn Signals 1157 LED Turn Signals T10 194 168 Doom Light Bulb
USAGE Solve CANBUS problem- cancel error code on dashboard, solve hyper flashing Headlight/ Headlamp, Fog Light, Ect. Fog Light, Daytime Running Bulb, DRL, Driving Lamp Turn Signals, Blinker, Running Indicators, ect. Turn Signals, Blinker, Running Indicators, ect. Interior Dome Map Reading Light, Festoon Light, ect.
SOCKET TYPE NONE Standard Standard Standard/CK Standard Standard
COLOR As shown White White White/ Amber/ Red White/ Amber/ Red/ Blue White/ Amber/ Red
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