Asseso BC1 Bluetooth 5.0 Media Remote Control – Compatible with iPhone and Android, IPX5 Water Resistant for Driving and Biking – Volume, Play/Pause, Skip Tracks, Siri, Selfie & Video/Camera Recording
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Asseso BC1 Bluetooth 5.0 Media Remote Control – Compatible with iPhone and Android, IPX5 Water Resistant for Driving and Biking – Volume, Play/Pause, Skip Tracks, Siri, Selfie & Video/Camera Recording
Asseso BC1 Bluetooth 5.0 Media Remote Control – Compatible with iPhone and Android, IPX5 Water Resistant for Driving and Biking – Volume, Play/Pause, Skip Tracks, Siri, Selfie & Video/Camera Recording


Product Description

Convenient safe

Jam to tunes with no distractions when you’re on the road

In this day with rising Bluetooth technology, it's all about listening to music, audio books, and podcasts through your phone. Though convenient to always have your tunes stored in your phone, you need a way to control it all AND stay safe while driving or biking. With Asseso’s BC1 Media Remote Control, fear no more for your safety while on the road!

The asseso BC1 Bluetooth remote puts media control and taking calls at your fingertips with easy to press buttons, so you can stay in control even when your smartphone is out of reach! The 30ft operating range and the auto-sleep function ensure the best user experience while optimizing the battery life.

This small and sleek device can easily be installed with a strap system and magnetic mount. With 3 different rubber band strap sizes, you can install it to any steering wheel or bike handle. Want it on your car one day and on your bag the next? No worries, you can remove it anytime! Since this device does not require any glue or tape to be installed, you can easily install it to multiple locations.

Once installed, this device can also pair with your phone within seconds. Press any button to enter pairing mode, which is indicated by the rapidly flashing blue light. Another device won’t pair unless you simultaneously hold down the "+" and "–" for 5 seconds. With the device paired, easily jam to tunes without the danger of staring down at your phone while driving, biking, or running.

apps access wide compatibility

Something Urgent? Pick Up Calls or Ask Siri for Help Anytime, Anywhere

Safely pick up calls with one press of a button or have instance access to Siri or Google Assistant. Though this device does not have a microphone, you can pick up a call without having to bike or drive with one hand. As always, safety first!


*For more information on activating Siri, please refer to the manual.

*asseso BC1 does not currently support Google Assistant or call function for Android devices

selfie video record

The Perfect Photo in a Click!

Struggling to take selfies because you can’t angle your phone perfectly and hit the camera button simultaneously? With Asseso’s BC1, you can use this device as a remote to take selfies in a single click. Even if you’re not looking for a selfie, this device is also perfect for any situation in which you need to take photos from a distance. Simply set up your phone on a tripod and click the + button to snap the perfect pic! The camera remote works for both iOS and Android smartphone cameras.

Note for video recording.

*For iPhone, BC1 only supports start and stop functions.

*For Android devices, BC1 supports start and stop functions. Pause function works for some Android devices but not all.


My asseso BC1 is having trouble connecting to my mobile device. What should I do?

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, but don’t click anything yet.
  3. Click on any buttons on the BC1 to wake up the device. Simultaneously press the “+” and “-” keys on the BC1 for 5 seconds until the BC1’s LED indicator starts flashing rapidly.
  4. You should now see “asseso BC1” as one of the listed Bluetooth devices. Tap it, and your BC1 should be successfully paired.

What devices are compatible with asseso BC1?

  • iOS: asseso BC1 is compatible with iPhone 4 or later versions.
  • Android: The BC1 can only connects with mobile devices which supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Please check with your mobile manufacturer. (Note that asseso BC1 may NOT be compatible with Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and ZTE smartphones)
  • Others: Ordinary Bluetooth stereo systems (e.g. your car or Carplay) do not support BLE and therefore cannot be paired. Note that asseso BC1 only adjust the volume on your mobile devices, not the volume of your car stereo system.

How do I answer calls with the car stereo instead of on the phone when asseso BC1 is connected to the mobile phone, and the phone is connected to Bluetooth in the car?

  • iOS: Change the Call Audio Routing setting on your iPhone to Bluetooth Headset: [ Settings > General > Accessibility > Incoming Calls > Bluetooth Headset ]
  • Android: The call function is NOT supported with Android devices.

My question isn’t answered here.

  • Please visit asseso for more support and information.
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