Craft-tastic – String Art Kit – Craft Kit Makes 2 Large String Art Canvases – Unicorn Edition

Unicorn String Art Craft Kit
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Designed for children ages 10 and above, this fresh take on our popular Craft-tastic string art kit brings the legendary unicorn to reality. This Ann Williams Group arts and crafts kit includes two 8.5” sturdy foam canvasses pre-printed with a unicorn and a heart design. Using easy-to-follow directions, kids simply push pins into the bases and string away. Also inside are 4 pieces of cardstock, 36 yards of cotton thread, 3 yards of polyester thread, 6.6 yards of acrylic yarn, 100 pins, 1 piece of acrylic felt, and 1 piece of paper – everything needed for 2 fun and creative art projects in one affordable and easy-to-use craft kit that kids can start enjoying right away.

From the manufacturer

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Craft-tastic Yarn Unicorns Kit Ann Williams Group Loopdedoo Friendship Bracelet Maker Craft-tastic I Love Unicorns Kit Craft-tastic Empower Poster Kit Craft-tastic Pandacorn String Art Kit Craft-tastic Mini Heart Bowls
Age Range 8 and up 8 and up 7 and up 8 and up 10 and up 8 and up
Skill Level Intermediate + Beginner Beginner/Beginner + Beginner + Beginner Beginner
What is it? Kit makes 2 yarn-wrapped unicorns Tool to make friendship bracelets in minutes Kit makes 6 unicorn-themed projects Kit makes 1 decoupage empowerment poster Kit makes 2 string art canvases Kit makes 5 heart-shaped bowls
Skills/Techniques Bilateral coordination, Fine motor skills Creativity, Decision making, Inventiveness Following directions, Fine motor skills Decoupage, Visual/spacial skills, Self regulation Self expression, Spacial placement Bilateral coordination, Fine motor skills
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