Goldengulf 4000LM Scuba Diver Diving Cree XM-L L2 LED Flashlight 100M Underwater Waterproof Lamp Magnetic Control Switch Torch with AC Charger/Rechargeable 18650 Battery/Lanyard Gift Box Package

Product Description

Goldengulf started manufacturing diving lights back in 2003 and we kept improving our quality day after day

The diving flashlight is a vital accessory for your safety

Please avoid taking unnecessary risks by purchasing low quality flashlights just to save a few dollars on the expense of your safety

Underwater life is very colorful but the deeper you go, the less brighter and colorful you see it

Carrying a good diving light will correct this problem and allow you to enjoy the full spectrum of colors and life underwater

There are 15-20 different diving lights in our amazon shop

Please have a look at our diving lights range in the amazon shop if you need another diving light


Maintenance Tips:

1,After use you should wash your diving lights thoroughly in fresh water along with the rest of your equipment

2,Clean, lubricate and inspect the O-rings

3,Clean the battery and electrical contacts

4,Store your scuba diving lights without their batteries to prevent any possible corrosion from battery leakage

5,Store your dive lights in a cool place out of direct sunlight

Enjoy the colorful underwater world

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