Rain Guard Water Sealers SP-7002 Stucco Sealer Concentrate - Water Repellent for Color Integrated or Unpainted Stucco - Covers up to 200 Sq. Ft, 32 oz Makes 2 Gallons, Invisible Clear

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Rain Guard STUCCO sealer is formulated to extend the life and beauty of your stucco surfaces, with no change in color, texture or gloss. Using architectural grade silane siloxane technology ensures your surfaces are protected for years to come. Great for interior and exterior vertical and horizontal surfaces. All products from Rain Guard are safe for People, Pets and Plants. What makes this product different from the rest? Our proprietary ingredient called MICRO-LOK creates a mechanical bond giving you a hydrophobic barrier that is not affected by weathering, salt, dirt, freezing temperatures, UV light and wind-driven rain. Simply use soap and water for clean-up. Consider Rain Guard's other specialty formulated products to protect your Brick, Pavers, Paint, Stucco, Stone, Wood and Concrete around your home.

From the manufacturer

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Perfect for use on All painted surfaces Brick porches, chimneys, walkways Porches, driveways and walkways Sidewalks, driveways and garages Walkways, walls, and other stone surfaces
Durability Heavy Foot Traffic Heavy Foot & Tire Traffic Heavy Foot & Tire Traffic Heavy Foot & Tire Traffic Heavy Foot & Tire Traffic
Coverage (Up to) 150 sq. ft. per gallon 150 sq. ft. per gallon 200 sq. ft. per gallon 100 sq. ft. per gallon 125 sq. ft. per gallon
Dry & Cure Time 1 Hour At 75°F, 4-7 Days 1 Hour At 75°F, 4-7 Days 1 Hour At 75°F, 4-7 Days 1 Hour At 75°F, 4-7 Days 1 Hour At 75°F, 4-7 Days
Material Type Modified Silicone Acrylic Silane Siloxane Blend Acrylic Urethane Blend Water-Based Urethane Silane Siloxane Blend
VOC's < 20 g/L < 20 g/L 0 g/L < 20 g/L < 20 g/L
Clear Natural Finish
Made in USA
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