Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder 500g 17.6 oz Sealable Bulk Bag, Culinary Grade for Latte, Bakery, Smoothie, Shake, Ice Cream, Low Caffeine, no Fat or Sugar, Supply of Antioxidants and Energy

Product Description

Zen, nature and organic, with endless passion for matcha green powder, The idea for Zenato is simple: bringing real matcha that is of good quality and economically friendly to people so that everyone can enjoy this magical green tea powder, full of natural benefits and nutrition every day.

Zenato's matcha comes directly from farm-factory unity to final customers, with hundreds of tons of supplement capacity, our aim is to make good and real matcha a common drink that folks can easily enjoy.

Zenato 30g culinary

1.06 Oz 30g culinary grade

If you have not yet had experience with matcha, better start with this 1.06 Oz small culinary package available for 15 servings. With few cost you can do experiments and evaluate the green tea powder.

Zenato 30g culinary

1.06 Oz culinary grade matcha

Zenato 100g culinary

3.5 Oz culinary grade matcha

Zenato 500g culinary matcha

17.6 Oz culinary grade matcha

Zenato 30g ceremonial

1.06 Oz ceremonial grade matcha

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