Made for Amazon Height Adjustable Floor Stand for Echo (3rd Gen) and Echo Plus (2nd Gen) - Single

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Made for Amazon You read that right: EchoGear designed this here stand specifically for your Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen). How’s that for special treatment? Well, it’s only right – because you’re special and so is your speaker. Give it the throne it deserves… in the form of a sturdy, tip-resistant, vibration-resistant stand. Pick a Floor, Any Floor So, you’re a hard floor person. That’s cool, EchoGear gets it. Cleaning simplicity and stuff, sure. You’re covered – there’s adhesive, anti-scratch felt pads included because we know you care about your floors. Or maybe you’re a carpet kinda’ guy. “It’s so soft!” You’re not wrong, and EchoGear gets that too. For you soft-surface fans out there, the base is specially designed to sit stably, even on the squishiest of carpets. Whatever you prefer beneath your tootsies, this stand’s ready to deliver for your Amazon Echo Plus (2nd gen). Get Tall or Get Small – Your Pick! Hey, nobody’s judging you for holding onto Grandma’s hand-me-down sofa. Sure, the legs are missing and it sits at an interesting height… but it’s just so comfy, and who has time to shop for new sofas? No one. That’s who. And actually, these stands are perfect for your low-rider of a couch – because they’re height-adjustable! For the best sound your Echo Plus (2nd Gen) device should sit at ear level, so this is important! Adjustable to any height between 28-38”, your Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen) will sit just where it’s supposed to… even if you’re lounging on your precious “vintage” furniture again. Questions? EchoGear’s Here 7 Days a Week Honestly, the EchoGear team has complete and utter faith you'll nail this product assembly. It's super easy. But some days are hard. And on those days, EchoGear’s here for you. Well, actually, we're here for you all days - good, bad and everything in between - so get in touch with our US-based EchoGear support team (AKA: Product Nerds) by giving them a call or shooting them an email. You can find all our contact information on the EchoGear website or in your product manual. Someone will get back to you pretty darn fast - it's a promise. EchoGear is a trademarked brand not affiliated with Amazon. EchoGear is a Legrand AV Inc. brand a registered trademark owned by Legrand.

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