INEVIFIT Core Sliders with Carrying Case for Gym, Home and Travel Total Body Workouts. Dual Sided Gliding Discs Allow for use on Carpet, Tile, Vinyl or Hardwood Floors. Includes a 5-Year Warranty

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Product Description

The Ideal Workout Fitness Sliders

Getting and staying fit has never been easier! INEVIFIT has made it convenient to implement low impact sliding exercises into your workouts. This is essential for reducing the risk of injury during exercise since the sliding discs have been designed to smoothly glide on all indoor surfaces. Easily target any muscle group to tone your body, slim down and even increase strength. The best part is that sliding exercisers require keeping your core engaged during movements, so you will be able to burn more calories over the same amount of time. This will help you get that summer body you always wanted faster than ever!

Next Workout Only a Slide Away

Consistent gains in your fitness are now closer than ever! The INEVIFIT Core Sliders come with a compact carrying case that allows you to take them to the gym, studio or even in trips. This means that you will be able to turn your ambient space into a full body workout area at any time to reach your fitness goals faster than ever. Completing your next full body workout is as easy as having your sliders with you! 

For Beginners to Fitness Professionals

Whether you are a fitness professional tracking your workouts or someone just starting to live an active lifestyle, you will find that the INEVIFIT Core Sliders are a great fit for your fitness needs. Low impact sliding exercises have been found to be a great compliment for all workout routines since they reduce the risk of injuries while engaging stabilizer muscles to get a more complete and efficient burn. 

No more excuses, begin sliding into a fitter version of yourself today!

Our Fitness Sliders come clearly marked so that you know exactly which side to use when working out on carpet vs other kinds of hard flooring. They are also conveniently marked with a large high contrast white logo so that you can spot them from a distance during your workouts.

You can target any muscle group in your body and they work in basically every surface so you will be able to get a complete workout anywhere at any time. This level of convenience is exactly what you need to reach your fitness goals faster and stay motivated for the long run.

No Worry Philosophy! All our Core Sliders have been tested so that you can be assured you are getting a top-quality product. Additionally, they come with our 7-day real USA INEVIFIT attention, and our 5-year manufacturer’s assurance. With INEVIFIT you can always expect to be well taken care of. We look forward to providing you the ultimate INEVIFIT experience :)

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