Reusable Produce Bags With Reusable Grocery Bags - Environmentally Friendly Organic Cotton Mesh Bags Bundled With Grocery Bags - Double Stitching, Durable, Easy To Clean, Machine Washable

Product Description

Americans use 100 Billion plastic bags every year, many of which end up in landfill or the oceans, and what’s worse is that 12 million barrels of oil is needed to make them.

That’s a big NO for the environment.

TiMoMo’s reusable cotton bags use extra-thick cotton and reinforced double stitchwork to not only make our bags super strong and easy to clean, but 100% recyclable and better for the planet, too.

Plus they come with 2 FREE grocery bags of the same high quality, so you can keep using them every week for your grocery shop and help reduce waste.

We thought you’d like their cool boho green-lifestyle look too but it gets better, oh yes!

Just wait until you can see what they can do...

✔ 3 SIZES TO STAY ORGANIZED … small bags for mushrooms, limes, & ginger. Medium bags for fruits & veggies.

Large bags for lettuce, celery, & milk cartons so items don’t get lost or damaged.

✔ TARE WEIGHT LABEL SAVES PLASTIC … avoid plastic produce bags by weighing in the TiMoMo reusable bags.

A built in label reminds you of the “tare weight” to accurately deduct the bag weight.

✔ GROCERIES, ORGANIZING, WASH-BAGS … not just for shopping, TiMoMo bags are great for organizing clutter

around the house & cleaning kid’s toys in the washing machine!

✔ REMOVABLE CONTOURED REINFORCER … carrying heavy items like laundry detergent or milk?

The contoured plastic reinforcer distributes the weight for comfortable & extra strong carrying.

✔ INTERNAL SECRET POCKET … great for car keys, receipts, or your phone to stay accessible while shopping.

No digging around or carrying around extra bags, just slip it in the internal pocket and recyclable polypropylene board at the bottom of each bag.

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