Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner, Certified for Organic Gardens, 3 lb Bag, All Purpose for Houseplants, Flowers, All Vegetables and Trees, Provides Natural Silica and Micronutrients

Product Description

Key to a Green Thumb — Harvest Gold Organics

green thumb

This Season Can be Different & Fruitful, if it Starts with the Right Premium Soil Additive

Digging for the secret to a more fruitful flower bed or vegetable garden? The right organic gardening soil makes every growing experience golden. Start this season with Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner — a premium soil additive. The unique shape of the crushed particles allows for improved gardening soil and root structure, resulting in plants with increased foliage, enhanced nutrient uptake, improved water regulation, as well as increased resilience against pests and temperature changes. It’s also USDA certified organic† for use on fruits, veggies, flowers, and more. †Certified organic by Organic Certifiers, OIM Certificate #18-0417, 05/25/18

potted plant

Potted Flowers & Plants

Boost your blooms with Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner. Start with a quality organic potting soil and fertilizer. Add one-part of Harvest Gold Organics for every nine-parts of soil and mix thoroughly. Transfer your flower or plant into the potting mix and add water.

potted plant

Potted Plants

raised beds

Raised Beds



trees shrubs

Trees & Shrubs

A Natural Solution That's Rooted In Science

science of silica

Silica Improves Soil Conditions

Composed of all-natural silica and nine additional purified minerals to boost plant life, Harvest Gold Organics Premium Soil Conditioner is organic for use with flowers, vegetables, trees, even your lawn. The unique shape of the crushed particles improve soil structure and feed your plant with silica and minerals, enhancing the strength of your stalks and increasing your foliage. Plants in-turn stand up to the elements, and are less susceptible to pests and changes in temperature. Whether inside or out, the science works.

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