Grosmimi Spill Proof no Spill Magic Sippy Cup with Straw with Handle for Baby and Toddlers, Customizable, PPSU, BPA Free 6 oz (Pure Lavender)

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Product Description


1. Grosmimi technology

● Made from liquefied silicone.

● Which is material for baby nipples.

● The textures are about the same.

● Babies can get used to a straw without any resistance.

● Cross cut straws will not leak or backflow.


2. It's Simple. Easy to clean & Assemble

● All parts are simply removable.

● Easy to clean.

● Dishwasher safe.

● Easy to reassemble.


3. Customize your own bottle

● We got variety of kits.

● No matter which feeding style you have.

● Any combination is possible.

● You can customize your own bottle with a wide selection.

● It is also compatible with other selected brands.

feeding bottle Feeding bottle with straw strawcup stainlesscup tumbler
Feeding bottle Feeding bottle with straw Straw cup Stainless straw cup Tumbler
Age 0 Month + 4 Month + 6 Month + 6 Month + 18 Month +
Size 6oz / 10oz 6oz / 10oz 6oz / 10oz 6oz / 10oz 10oz
Sipping Nipple weighted kit+nipple stage3 Replacement stage1 Replacement stage1 Tumbler
Boiling safe
Colors white. Beige, charcoall white. Beige, charcoall White. Beige, Charcoal, Red, Pink, Sky blue, Golden brown, Pure lavender, Aqua green, Red, Pink, Sky blue, Golden brown, Pure lavender, Aqua green Pink, Pure lavender, Aqua green
Features PPSU body PPSU body PPSU body Stainless body Stainless body
nipple spout straw disposal straw kit
Nipple Spout Replacement straw Straw Gripper Weighted kit
Age 0 Month + 4 Month + 6 Month + / 12 Month + 18 Month +
Options Stage 0,1,2,3 Stage1, Stage2, Stage2 nipple set Disposable straw 14cm, 18cm Nipple, Spout, Replacement straw
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