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Calculate an estimated price for your shipment.

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Common questions

Can I combine several orders and ship them together?

Yes! You can combine multiple orders and ship them together.

Are there any restrictions to ship imitated products, restricted products, liquid, cream, food, DVD, etc.?

Shipping recommendation is based on our big data; hence we do not take any responsibility if the customs confiscate them. The following items: cigarette, alcohol, medicine and prohibited items are not allowed to be shipped overseas due to custom policies. Based on the air transportation requirements; food, liquid, powder, cream items are required to provide non-hazardous authentication. Therefore, we recommend you not to ship these products in bulk. If you are only shipping small number of sensitive items, i.e. cosmetics less than 100ml and no more than 200ml per parcel, we can try to ship them with other ordinary products, i.e. clothes, shoes, etc.

What should I do if the package I submitted exceeds the limit?

Each route has a weight limit. If the item exceeds the limit, you will be prompted to submit the package. You need to remove some items and submit them in separate orders.

What is volumetric weight?

Volumetric weight is one of the methods to calculate the weight of the goods in the logistics industry. When a parcel has a big volume but light in weight, the postage will be charged based on the volumetric weight.EMS/E-express:volumetric weight=(Length CM * Width CM* Height CM) / 6000 = Volumetric Weight (KG). DHL/Fedex/ UPSExpedite/ UPSExpressSaver/ Aramex/ Preferential Line: volumetric weight=(Length CM * Width CM* Height CM) / 5000 = Volumetric Weight (KG).

Shipping tips:

If your parcel weighing more than 30kg, please contact us for discounted freight.



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