The Petting Zoo -Bright Eyes 10" Pocketz Mom & Baby Turtle - Stuffed Animal Toy - Great for Baby/Toddlers/Kids - Boys & Girls

Product Description

  • The Petting Zoo is about building long lasting friendships to last the years to come.
  • Our 2019 latest Stuffed Animals are designed to be like a cushion for hugging and naptime providing the ultimate comfort for your kids to close their eye and fall into furry dreams.
  • These lovely stuffed animals are so adorable you can't resist the look in their eyes, they will soften your heart and make you melt into a world of endless cuddles and hugs.
  • Our wide range of stuffed animals are designed with kids in mind, and they are the perfect tool to teach your boys and girls how to be calm and peaceful, and we are all about giving hugs and filling the room with love and good vibes, our giant plush toys spread the love wherever they are
  • When you buy our stuffed animals and plush toys, we promise your kids an endless amount of soft and silky hugs and cuddles that they won't let go. That's our promise.
  • Make your life easier and get your kids any of our wide range of stuffed Unicorn, Turtles, Camels, Tutti Fruitti ducks or adorable sloths and give them the gift to remember, make them feel proud and give them a stuffed friend to take with them wherever they go.

The Petting Zoo -Bright Eyes 10" Pocketz Mom & Baby Turtle

Best Friends

The Petting Zoo Makes Best Friends For You Children

Your kid can’t help it but fall in love with a precious momma turtle carrying a cute little hatchling around on her back. It is for double the fun! This plush toy has big brown expressive eyes which makes it so adorable. She also likes to be petted slowly on her ultra-soft shell. Her Tiny cute matching baby lets out an adorable squeak when squeezed. This plush toy is perfect for animal and nature loving Kids.

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