Cinderra Eye Gel 30ml instantly reduces wrinkles crow’s feet puffiness & facial lines lift’s eye bags minimizes the appearance of pores, works with makeup Natural ingredients Ageless look

Product Description

Take away the years in minutes

Take away the years, refresh your look. Instantly reduces wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness, and facial lines. Lifts eye bags and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Helps tighten, firm, and lift the presence of sagging skin. Dries fast, clean, and clear. Makeup can be applied over the product.

99% natural ingredients, aloe Vera & vitamin e, and more

Works within 2 minutes, results are clearly visible, refreshing young healthy look

The effect usually lasts for 6 to 10 hours. See Cinderra Night Cream for long-term results.


What to Expect

What to expect?

  • First of all you should know that Cinderra is made of Natural ingredient and it would not harm your skin in anyway.
  • Cinderra may not remove all wrinkles or sagging bag look for everyone, however it will greatly reduce them with clear and visible results within minutes. Repeated use may even increase the performance. Many with light to moderate wrinkles so 60%-99% reduction without having to wait.
  • The benefits of using Cinderra eye gel are clearly visible within few minutes and get even better within 10-15 minutes, the effect last from 6 to 10 hours. Most users have seen substantial improvements and some have seen minor improvement all depending on the location of the wrinkles. Wrinkles directly 1mm to 2mm under the lower eye lid were somehow resistant however the ones below it and on the sides of the eye were visibly improved. Eye bags: Cinderra eye gel seem to get a substantial lift for all users.
  • Cinderra eye gel is not designed to remove dark circles however some seen improvement and fading of the dark circles. The resistance of wrinkles has also to do with you facial movement, expression squinting etc...
  • Cinderra eye gel will also shrink and reduce the appearance of large pores.
  • Unlike many creams and gels Cinderra can be used under make up. Cinderra will not leave any tacky or sticky residue.
  • Cinderra 30ml may last for a long time as it is highly concentrated and effective.
  • Directions: pump out 1-2 drop size onto your finger tip apply under and around the eye (make sure it is clean and dry). Before applying make-up please let the gel dry first. To help it dry faster fan cold air lightly over the eye. Repeat if necessary. The effect usually lasts from 6 to 10 hours.  See Cinderra Night Cream for long term results
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