Men's Bedtime Beard Bib Bandana - Long String Over Head/Ear Non-Slip, Comfy, and Adjustable Facial Hair Apron Guard Bonnet Beard Rag

Long String Over Head / Ear
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Product Description

Beard Gains Beard Bandana V2

The original beard guard and beard protector for your beard. Multi-purpose problem solver such as keeping food out of your facial hair and locking in crucial moisture inside your skin and hair for healthy beard growth.

Made in the USA

Proudly hand-made and fabricated here in the USA. Quality stitched and delicately crafted to perfection. Dual layered silk for easy cleaning, soft comfortable feel and purpose.


Adjustable stretch for most size fits all.

Tie the elastic of the beard bandana V2 over the top of your head and back of your head to test fitment.

Loosen and re-tie with your knot of choice if fitment needs adjustment.

This process may require some trial and error to get the bandana correctly shaped to your beard and face.

Once your beard bandana is perfectly set to your desired liking, make sure knot is securely fastened.

Optional cut loose ends for added comfort.

*If you would like to your bandana around your ears only, you may cut elastic length to size, tie to make loops and place around ears.

How To Wash

Hand spot clean with soap and water only! Do not machine wash. Air dry only. If you do not follow these instructions, you will ruin your beard bib bandana.

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