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CREATE: Naked Armor was created in the wake of the dollar club and the cheapening of shaving. Don't shave with a plastic spoon masquerading as a razor.

CRAFT: Empower humanity to honor manhood and respect the appreciation of a great daily wet shave.

CELEBRATE: Shaving is not a chore, it’s an occasion to celebrate—start with a hand-crafted quality shaving tool by Naked Armor.

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Leather Razor Travel Case Savanna Scuttle Shaving Mug Kit Solomon Straight Razor (Black) Solomon Straight Razor (Brown) Solomon Straight Razor Kit (Brown) King Arthur Gold Straight Razor Kit
Japanese Steel
HRC 61-65 61-65 61-65 65+
Razor Length 15.7 cm 15.7 cm 15.7 cm 15.3 cm
Razor Handle Wood Wood Wood Wood
Leather Strop
Leather Travel Case
Shave Brush
Travel Friendly
Perfect Gift Idea

Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit

Naked Armor Safety Razor

Feel the difference of shaving with a razor that was designed for a convenient yet quality shave with Naked Armor's Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit.

Do away with those plastic spoons masquerading as razors in the supermarket. Go for gold and get the one that can do the job and do it right.

Get this kit and enjoy its many benefits:

  • Sandalwood Safety Razor that's got good balance and weight making your shave easy, convenient, and downright satisfying
  • Organic Shave Soap for an ultra-hydrating and luscious shaving lather
  • Badger-friendly Shave Brush that helps create a thick lather and for easy lather application
  • Gift box making it the perfect thing to get that special man in your life

Indulging in a great shave does not mean foregoing convenience. Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

Live Boldly. Choose Naked Armor.

Naked Armor Safety Razor Kit
Giving Back

**Over 17,500 meals have been shared by Naked Armor with the help of its customers

Useful Tips to Make Safety Razor Blades Last Longer

Experience a close shave easily and conveniently with Naked Armor's Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit.

Caring for the blades of your safety razor is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Keep the blades dry by making sure that you towel dry or blow dry the blade after every use. Make sure to keep it in a place away from moisture so that the blades don't oxidize and become blunt sooner than you would like.
  2. Run it on some jeans because this not only helps in drying the blades, it has the added benefit of sharpening it too.
  3. Keep the blades coated by filling a cup with some good oil like mineral, grapeseed, or baby oil to help protect your razor from moisture and humidity.

Convenient never equated to flimsy.

Treat yourself to an easy and satisfying shave with the Spartacus Sandalwood Safety Razor Kit.

Choose Yourself. Choose Naked Armor.

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