Cure Kids Wow! Smooth Therapy Silky Shiny Hair Treatment for your kids. Safe, Paraben Free, Lice Repellent. Swimmers Safe for all little ones children child baby babies hair (8 fl oz)
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Cure Kids Wow! Smooth Therapy Silky Shiny Hair Treatment for your kids. Safe, Paraben Free, Lice Repellent. Swimmers Safe for all little ones children child baby babies hair (8 fl oz)
Cure Kids Wow! Smooth Therapy Silky Shiny Hair Treatment for your kids. Safe, Paraben Free, Lice Repellent. Swimmers Safe for all little ones children child baby babies hair (8 fl oz)


Product Description

Cure Kids Smooth Therapy is a new Formaldehyde Free Smoothing Hair Treatment designed for every type of hair kids have. Repair, Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Smooth your little clients’ hair with our exclusive treatment. We have combined the best nurturing and repairing essential oils into our therapy for kids treatment, to not just deliver smoothness but also help rebuild and repair hair strands and make daily detangling and styling so much easier for parents and kids today.

Do not over apply. Hair will be sticky and hard to manage if too much is applied. For these reasons we prefer you take this product to your favorite salon and have them apply it to your little one. Beauty Cosmetica will not be held responsible for results performed at home.

The treatment application may take 1 to 3 hours depending on your skill level hair length and type. If you are purchasing the treatment for yourself be prepared to have someone professional apply it for you. Self-application may be too difficult. Like any hair product results may vary based on hair type condition skill level of the operator quality of application tools and adherence to the manufacturer’s instruction.


  1. Wash the hair twice with Cure Kids Wow! Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse well and towel dry.
  2. Blow-dry hair.
  3. Part hair. Apply Treatment section by section. Do not over apply (Hair will be sticky & hard to manage if too much is applied). Leave on for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Standard blow-dry using medium heat.
  5. Part hair & flat iron the hair section by section at 320F /160C BE CAREFUL WITH THAT IRON! (best if you take it to a professional to do it!)
  6. Wait for the hair to cool down. (but if you want to wait, max time is one evening). Then wash hair with Cure Kids Tears Free Shampoo & Finish with Cure Kids Masque.

Amazing WOW! Ingredients:

  • Silk Protein is is a hair nutrient that adds luster, body and manageability to hair.
  • Elixycure is our organic FDA approved oil blend which purpose is to bring a natural holistic plant-based alternative into our products.
  • protective barrier around the hair shaft. Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world.
  • Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil is a Protein for a vitamin filled shining hair conditioner.
  • Organic Argan Oil is an excellent for moisturizing, promoting hair growth, taming frizz, adding natural shine.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally occurring in the body, mainly as a fluid in the eyes and joints, but it is also a frequently used ingredient in skin products. And it can also be used to promote a healthy scalp and increased hair growth.
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil is packed with lipids, which add moisture and shine to your hair. The oil helps to strengthen fragile strands, give your hair body and may even make your hair thicker. It can also help promote new hair growth and prevent hair loss from taking place.
  • Brika Marula Oil offers fast absorption, and leaves a satin finish on the hair, so it won’t flatten out your style or leave it looking greasy.” It also seals, coats, and smooths your hair cuticle (the outermost layer of your strands) for frizz-free, gorgeous-looking locks
  • Organic Coconut Oil is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal cleanser and moisturizer and that also prevents hair loss is a natural lice repellent.
  • Organic Peppermint Oil can benefit both hair and scalp and can offer one of the fastest methods for fixing hair issues and can provide a soothing and healing way to get the natural skin balance back to hair follicles.
  • Organic FFS Caviar Extract Oil contains protective and moisturizing properties that help improve the texture and quality of the skin also helps the hair. Our Shampoo will deliver hydration and increase the shine of each hair strand.
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