SeaKnight Classic Braided Fishing Line Super Strong Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines 6lb-80lb High Performance PE Fishing Lines
  • SUPERIOR ABRASION RESISTANCE & DURABLE:UHMWPE fiber;strong tension,The tension and strength is 3 - 5 times than the normal other line at the same diameter.
  • ULTRA-HIGH SENSITIVITY & ZERO STRETCH : Thinner diameter, no stretch, high sensitivity,Thinner diameter means more line can be rolled on the reel. Membrane treatment makes it more sensitive and smoother for longer casting.
  • LOW MEMORY&HIGHT SMOOTHNESS : Advanced membrane treatment makes it nearly zero water absorption and improves the smoothness and sinking ability, farther casts,making the lures swim more lifelike.
  • FASTER CUTTING WATER : Unparalleled smoothness and consistent roundness / backlashes free; to help the bait faster to reach the target water layer to catch the fish.
  • PRECISION BRAIDING & FIBER : 6lb-80lb is made with 4 high strength strands while the higher tensile strength for even more power / a smaller profile resulting in better casting and knot strength
  • 8LB/0.10mm(300M/327Yds)
  • 4strands Blue
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SeaKnight Classic Braided Fishing Line Super Strong Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines 6lb-80lb High Performance PE Fishing Lines
SeaKnight Classic Braided Fishing Line Super Strong Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines 6lb-80lb High Performance PE Fishing Lines

Product Description

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SeaKnight Classic Line
W8 Classic Line MONSTER T1 Fluorocarbon Line BLADE Nylon
MONSTER W8 Classic Line MONSTER T1 Fluorocarbon Line BLADE Nylon
Category 8 Strands Braided Line 4 Strand PE Line Braided Line T1 Fluorocarbon Line 100% Japan Material Fluorocarbon Lines BLADE Nylon Fishing Line
Test LB Range 15-80LB 6-80LB 3-35LB 3-50LB 2-35LB
Spool Sizes 328Yds/547Yds 328Yds/547Yds 110Yds 110Yds 547Yds/1094Yds
Unique Features (1) Advanced wide angle technology - the smooth super line( 2)Long and fast casting - smoother than ever (3)Super sensitivity - instant feel for structure and strikes (4)Exceptional strength and toughness ​(5)Hi-vis and Low-vis colors available (1),Unique Braided Construction (2),Made of ultra-high strength PE fibers (3),Microfibers smooth casting (4),Amazing thin and sensitive high pick-count forroundness and durablity. (1),Stronger,Smoother,More Flexible for easy casting(2),100% clea Fluorocarbon coating is invisible under water(3),Super great tensile and knot strength. (4),Superior wet strength and abrasion resistance. (5),Super low memory. (1), 100% Fluorocarbon quick sink fishing line. (2), 100% imported from Japan, dark dust after fired. (3), 100% carbon include, high resistance, invisible in the water. (4), Specific Gravity: 1.8 (1)100% Imported Japanese super strong nylon line (2)Abrasion Resistant –effectively resist the hitting of obstacles in the water (3)The low ductility and stretch of the line reduces the unnecessary vibration and resist fishing reefs and debris
Color Options Hi-Vis Green,Low-Vis Green,Low-Vis Gray,Hi-Vis Yellow,Gem Blue,Black,Multi-Color Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Gray Clear Transparent Yellow,Blue,Green,Black,White,Multi-Color
01 02 03 04 06 07
Reel Type Spinning Reel Spinning Reel Spinning Reel Baitcasting Reel Baitcasting Reel Baitcasting Reel
Model 2000H/ 3000H/ 4000H/ 5000/ 6000 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 1000H/ 2000H/ 3000H/ 4000H/ 5000H/ 6000H Left/Right Hand Left/Right Hand Left/Right Hand
Gear Ratio 6.2:1/ 4.7:1 4.9:1/ 5.2:1 5.0:1/ 6.2:1 7.2:1/8.1:1 7.2:1 7.6:1
Ball Bearing 10+1BB 8+1BB 6+1BB / 10+1BB 10+1BB 10+1BB 11+1BB
Weight (OZ) 8.71 / 9.59 / 10.12 / 12.73 / 13.79 8.50 / 8.92 / 112.13 / 13.23 / 18.74 / 19.84 / 28.661.99 / 12.52 / 12.63 6.98 / 9.35 / 9.42 / 9.52 / 13.55 /13.69 6.70 6.77 6.98
Max Drag (LB) 17.63 / 17.63 / 22.05 / 28.66 / 33.07 12.13 / 13.23 / 18.74 / 19.84 / 28.66 11.02 / 19.84 / 24.25 / 28.66 / 33.07 / 33.07 17.6 / 15.4 18 11
Suitable Position Saltwater/Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater Saltwater/Freshwater
Interchangeable Hand Retrieve X X X
Shipping Notices:
1 Contraband and limited items:
Clgarette,Alcohol,Contraband ?Do not accept
Liquid,cream or cosmetics items are quantity limited in shopping agent service
Chinese medicine is limited to ship by Chinese exporting goods.
2 Limitation for different shipping methods:
3 Yoybuy Product's Label:
Sensitive Product(SEN)
Product With battery
Dangerous Products
4 Volume weight Requested:
volume weight=length*height*Width/5000
one side must be less than 120cm,otherwise there is additional fee;250cm products can not be accept;
Any side must be less than 60cm,otherwise you will be charged the greater one between real weight and volume weight,more than 120cm will be not accepted.
After Sale Service:
1 Insurance Policy: Learn more
2 The rules apply and summit for receive compensation
3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
5 Damage to the parcel during international shipping, which resulted in damage to the goods in it
6 Loss of individual goods under international shipment The absence individual goods in the parcel
7 Non-compliance individual goods in color, size, complications Damage to the goods during international shipment
8 Returns Policy: Learn more
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