Bamboo Pocket Expandable Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android and other capacitive touch surfaces
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Bamboo Pocket Expandable Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android and other capacitive touch surfaces
Bamboo Pocket Expandable Stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle, Android and other capacitive touch surfaces


Bamboo Stylus pocket is an expandable stylus for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle or other capacitive touch surfaces. Bamboo pocket offers a premium, pen-like experience for notetaking, sketching, drawing, and other forms of creative expression. The Bamboo pocket is as flexible as your imagination."

An ideal choice for commuters, travelers, and other mobile users, the Bamboo Stylus Pocket helps you unleash the creative potential of your tablet or smartphone while you're on the go. This convenient touchscreen-optimized stylus features a collapsible, pocket-sized design that extends into a full-sized writing instrument. It also features a balanced design suited for sketching, drawing, note-taking, highlighting, and other forms of creative expression. When coupled with mobile apps like Wacom's Bamboo Paper, the Pocket becomes a versatile, powerful instrument for digital expression and creativity.

Bamboo Stylus Pocket Product Shot

Compact and portable for your mobile device. View larger.

Bamboo Stylus Pocket Product Shot

Plugs into headphone jack for easy storage.
View larger.

Bamboo Stylus Pocket Product Shot

Take the pocket with you -- be ready when inspiration strikes. View larger.

Bamboo Stylus Solo Product Shot

The perfect app for a stylus -- handwrite notes, sketch out ideas, add hand-drawn elements to photos. Developed by Wacom for the Bamboo Stylus.

Pocket-Sized, Expandable Stylus

The Bamboo Stylus Pocket features a compact design that easily slips into a pocket or handbag. Thanks to the Pocket's convenient, collapsible barrel, you can easily expand it into a full-sized writing instrument when you're ready to write. The stylus even comes with a cap with a 3.5-millimeter adapter, so you can plug it into your device's headphone jack to keep your stylus and tablet together for storage. And with the included interchangeable color rings, you can personalize your stylus and mark it as your own.

Elegant Design with a Smooth, Natural Feel

The Bamboo Stylus Pocket combines comfort and elegance with its sophisticated design, satin-textured metal body, and balanced weighting. With its natural and comfortable grip, it delivers responsiveness and performance that rivals that of a high-end pen.

Expand the Versatility of Your Tablet

The Bamboo Stylus Pocket makes your tablet even more versatile by making it possible to take handwritten notes, highlight text, edit documents, and sketch out ideas. With the stylus, you can turn your tablet into an artist's canvas one moment and a notepad the next. Use it with creative apps to make your own art, capture your ideas, or edit photos.

Channel Your Creativity with Wacom's Bamboo Paper App

The ideal companion to the Bamboo Stylus Solo, Wacom's Bamboo Paper app helps you bring thoughts to life. This versatile app lets you take notes, make handwritten thank yous, or create a sketch--and then store them away in separate "notebooks" to reference or share. The free version of the app offers one notebook; the paid version lets you separate notes and ideas in up to 20 different notebooks.

Great Apps to Try with Your Stylus

• Bamboo Paper - Take notes, draw or doodle. Always have your notebooks with you.
• Paper 53 - Create beautiful calligraphic strokes and realistic watercolor marks.
• Adobe Reader - Handwrite notes in the margin and highlight important thoughts.
• Autodesk Sketchbook - Great to create artistic sketches with wide variety of brush settings.
• ScreenChomp - Draw and explain a concept, then share it as a replay-able video.
• Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook - World-class art instruction at your fingertips.
• Clibe - Share your notebooks and get inspired by others, or keep them private for all your little secrets.
• Draw Something - Your friends won't know what hit them when you start playing draw something with your new stylus, you'll be racking up three-coin scores right and left.
• Angry Birds - Aim the slingshot with precision that will put those pigs to shame.

What's in the Box

Bamboo Pocket Stylus, cap with 3.5-millimeter plastic plug, and interchangeable color rings.

Bamboo Stylus
Bamboo Stylus Pocket
At a Glance:
  • Stylus collapses and expands for easy travel
  • Cap with headphone adapter keeps stylus and tablet together
  • Smooth, precise line ideal for drawing and note-taking
  • Slimmer tip than many other styluses
  • Balanced weight and firm grip for pen-like feel
Wacom Bamboo Stylus Features Solo Pocket Duofeel Blackfeel Whitefeel Carbon
 Wacom Solo ImageWacom Pocket ImageWacom Duo ImageWacom feel BlackWacom feel WhiteWacom feel Carbon
Smooth Pen-like Performance
Balanced In-hand Feel
Uses Wacom feel IT Technology for Precision pen-input      
25% Smaller Tip vs. Other Capacitive Styluses      
Ball Point Pen          
Collapsible Stylus Barrel          
Interchangeable Color Rings          
Built-in Storage          
Nibs in Pack121334
Pressure Sensitive   
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