Vive Wobble Cushion - Inflatable Balance Disc Seat - Fitness Core Stability Trainer Wiggle Pad for Office Chair, Rehab, Isokinetics, PT - Kids Adult Workout Sensory Seat Equipment with Exercise Book

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Product Description

Balance Disc

Balance Disc by Vive

Create an dynamic and active experience with the Vive balance disc. The versatile balance disc is easily integrated into popular workouts for increased effectiveness. Used on a seat, the stability disc promotes improved posture and increased focus as the body builds core strength,reducing back pain and fatigue. Easy to inflate or deflate to your desired level of firmness with the included hand air pump.

Improve Balance and Posture:

Increasing core strength, the balance disc improves posture and balance when used on seat or on the floor while standing or exercising. Providing tension release, the balance disc relieves back pain and reduces fatigue, elevating energy levels for those who remain seated throughout the day. Used on a chair, the balance cushion creates an active experience, promoting greater focus and concentration while improving posture and overall stability.

Stabilize, Strengthen and Tone Muscles

Use in conjunction with normal workout routines for increased effectiveness. The unstable disc requires more muscle activation to maintain your balance, increasing stability and strengthening toning core, leg and back muscles.

Nonslip, Tear-Resistant Surface:

Dual textured surface includes both a studded massage side and a slightly raised dimpled side that provides greater traction and a secure grip when exercising.

Inflatable Disc with Air Pump:

Easily inflate to your desired level of firmness with the included air pump. The balance disc measures 12.5” when inflated and is tear and split-resistant, supporting up to 440 pounds. Conveniently portable, the disc can be deflated for compact storage or travel

What’s Included:

  • Vive balance disc
  • Hand air pump
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