Argan Oil - 100% Pure Extract Argan Carrier Oil Therapeutic Grade (1 Fl Oz / 30 ml)

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argan oil essential carrier senselab essential oils pure natural therapeutic grade organic oils

  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY - Only One Ingredient - 100% Pure & Undiluted Argan oil obtained through dry-pressing of argan seeds. No fillers, additives or artificial substances added
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED - SenseLAB's Argan oil is made in India using only the finest plants sourced from the most trusted growers around the world
  • AMAZING AROMA - Argan oil has been a culinary staple in Morocco for centuries, not only because of its subtle, nutty flavor but also its wide array of potential health benefits. This naturally occurring plant oil derived from the kernels of the fruit of Argan tree
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - Our natural therapeutic grade oils are perfect for aromatherapy massage, room freshening, bath and other uses

SenseLAB - A glance of our fragrance

“God too hides himself in the ocean within a drop of water.” – Indian proverb

At SenseLAB, we believe that to discover the real extent of love nature has bestowed upon all living things, humans and animals alike, one needs to look no further than to the way essentials oils purify our living spaces, improve the quality of our sleep, rekindle our emotions, and uplift our spirit through their unique natural scents.

It is said that the purest and refined form of consciousness or Self, resides in a small cave or chamber deep inside the heart. The Soul. The idea of a cure for the soul, one that's pure and uncompromising, derived from nature, an elixir full of all the good things and none of the bad, this is what drives us to create products that both respect the environment and the human body.

At SenseLAB, we believe that sustainable harvested, well-nourished plants are the source of quality essential oils. So, we consider the protection of our ecosystem as a very important factor for the continued production of our products. We liken our work to that of an artist, every stage of the process matters. From planting to harvesting, production, packaging, storage, and distribution; the integrity of the product that gets to you is assured.


SenseLAB's Pure Oils are extracted through careful steam distillation or cold pressing resulting in a thick concentrated oil. Therefore, if you are having a hard time pouring the oil through the orifice reducer, we recommend heating the bottle until the oil is at a workable consistency. It is important though to heat the oils gently and for as brief a period as possible.

senselab essential oils senselab essential oils senselab essential oils
VANILLA Oil LAVENDER Essential Oil TEA TREE Essential Oil
Argan Mixing Aromas
Botanical Name Vanilla planifolia Lavandula angustifolia Melaleuca alternifolia
Sourced From Mexico Bulgaria Australia
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction Steam Distillation Steam Distillation
Parts Used Beans Flowering Tops Leaves
Note Base Middle Top
Color and Appearance Dark brown thick liquid Clear, yellow and easy flowing transparent liquid Clear with a yellow tinge liquid
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