CrystaLux G11 Series LED Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit (H1)
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CrystaLux G11 Series LED Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit (H1)
CrystaLux G11 Series LED Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit (H1)

Product Description


Our CrystaLux G11 Series LED Headlight & Fog Light Bulbs use the latest technologies available in an automotive LED bulb. The beam has adjustable 360° ring using the included allen key (or ball bearing collar assembly). Single beam bulbs utilize 3 LatticeBright HGL3 LED chips per side while the low/high beam bulbs utilize 6 LED chips per side. The HGL3 diodes are tiny and focus the light output with a uniform temperature (6000K). This offers a brighter bulb (lumen) with the perfect amount of illuminance (lux). The smaller diodes mimics a halogen bulbs light pattern which prevents glare or interference to other drivers.

The double sided copper PCBs offer more direct and efficient thermal conduction than traditional LED bulbs as they make contact with a thermal silicon pad. Double ball bearing fans help dissipate the heat transferred from the PCBs. The aluminum body also provides more surface area to radiate the heat away.

The smaller driver offers an easy installation for most vehicles. An aluminum cover provides better heat dissipation, EMC and anti-interference.


Voltage (In): DC 9V-32V

LED Chipset: LatticeBright HGL3 LED Chips

Color Temperature: 6000K

Operating Temperature: -40°F ~ 240°F

PCB Material: Double-Sided Copper

Operating Life: >30,000 Hours

Available Bulb Sizes: Single: H1, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, 5202, 9005 & PSX24W. Hi/Lo: H4, H13, 9007 & 9008


Some newer vehicles may require a CANBUS anti-flicker resistor (also called a decoder) as the LEDs use less current then typical halogen lights. This can cause lights to either flicker or go out. The CANBUS Anti-Flicker Resistors place a load on the line and let your computer know your headlights are not out. You may not require the CANBUS anti-flicker resistors. You only need to add/install these if you experience issues with your headlight turning off and/or flickering.

Sold as a pair. Actual images shown may vary from actual product.

All New Structure Design


The LED bulbs were precion CNC machined using an aluminum bulb body. Utilizing double rubber rings within the collars (certain bulb models) allows for a 360° degreen adjustable beam pattern. The double sided copper PCBs, paired with the thermal silicon pad, allow the heat to be disipated away from the LED chips. Double ball bearing cooling fans allow the bulb to cool efficiently while maining a small footprint. The bulbs carry an IP65 weather resistant design, enabling them to withstand the toughest of elements within the headlight cavity.

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