Open Road Brands Pilot Code, Embossed Metal Sign - an Officially Licensed Product Great Addition to Add What You Love to Your Home/Garage Decor

  • Hotel India, there! Have you ever wanted to memorize all the pilot codes so you can talk all Charlie Oscar Oscar Lima? This sign will help you out. And it's designed in such a a cool, vintage style that it will look great in your man cave or office, even if you never make it past Alpha.
  • Open Road Brands officially licensed product
  • Metal Signs & Wall Art
  • Embossed Metal
  • Size : 6\" W X 36\" H X 0.13\" D

Product Description

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We like to think of it as comfort food for the soul. What you are passionate about, what makes you smile, what makes you cry, what inspires you - we bring it to you. You can create a room that shows who you are. Make a child's dream room come true with their favorite characters surrounding them. Find a perfectly unique gift. Declare your personal zone as your own. It starts here at Pop Classics.

coffee Jeep jeep hot dog open roads
Open Road Brands Hot Coffee Sign Open Road Brands Made Fresh Daily Donuts Open Road Brands Route 66 Sign Open Road Brands The Pantry Open Road Brand Dad's Garage
Material Embossed Metal Tin Embossed Metal Tin Embossed Metal Tin Motified Painted Wood Embossed Metal Tin
Dimensions 14" W X 11.5" H X 0.13" 13" W X 15" H X 0.125" D 16" X 17.5" 18" W X 10.25" H X 0.375" D 9.38" W X 13" H X 0.13" D
Description Not much is cozier than an old-school coffee shop. Create that feeling in your own kitchen with this embossed tin sign, carefully crafted to make you look twice, is it really an old neon sign? Then invite a friend to come gossip over a cup Nothing beats a decadent donut with chocolate frosting goodness topped with sugary colored sprinkles. Whether you're watching your sugar intake or not, this vintage embossed tin sign is craving to go on your wall. Give in to your donut temptation. Anyone who likes history, road trips or things that are cool will get a kick out of this metal sign. An embossed Route 66 emblem hangs from a fun embossed banner, creating a perfect addition to any garage or man cave. Hang "The Pantry " sign where the best snacks are stored. Make it easy to find goodies for midnight munchies or after a wild night out, no matter what kind of sleepy or tipsy state one may be in. Rustic die cut sign features a hanger chain. Remember that old car Dad started fixing up for you when you were in grade school? It should be street-worthy any day now. Promise. But it's officially time to give him crap about it. This embossed metal sign should do the trick.

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