sofsy Mesh Garter Belt with Straps for Stockings/Lingerie (Garter Belt Sold Separately from Stockings)
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  • A Timeless, Ultra Sexy Look: Women, Love the vintage look? This see-through suspender belt with six straps can be worn as a set with thigh high stockings to create a sensuous, super-feminine ensemble.
  • Smooths Out Your Shape: For all shapes & sizes — not just stick-thin models! This wide, sheer, elasticized belt smooths out any lumps & bumps, making you feel beautiful, sexy, and desirable.
  • Superior Quality Materials: Our sofsy metal clip have been manufactured just for our brand, using only premium materials. They're extra-durable and won't break easily, unlike inferior garter belts.
  • Soft, Non-Irritating High Waist Band: This band is made of comfortable, high-quality material that retains its elasticity after repeated use. It won't cut into your skin, even after hours of wear.
  • The sofsy Promise - 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If these aren't the best ladies' garter belts you've ever worn, simply let us know. We'll issue a prompt replacement or refund, no questions asked.
  • 3X-Large
  • Red Mesh Garter Belt
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sofsy Mesh Garter Belt with Straps for Stockings/Lingerie (Garter Belt Sold Separately from Stockings)
sofsy Mesh Garter Belt with Straps for Stockings/Lingerie (Garter Belt Sold Separately from Stockings)

Product Description

sofsy Mesh Garter Belt paired with 15 Denier Stockings
sofsy custom metal clips designed for comfort and style
sofsy Mesh Garter Belt Designed to move with Model's body
Mesh Garter Belt has timeless design and quality materials
Sofsy Mesh Garter belt is available in 3 colours and is sold separately to 15 Denier Stockings

sofsy Mesh Garter Belt & 15 Denier Stockings (Sold separately)



sofsy Mesh Garter Belt (Sold separately)

Ladies: Want lingerie that makes you feel SEXY AND CONFIDENT — for that special someone or just for yourself? Unlike strappy garter belts that are made just for skinny supermodels, the sofsy classic Mesh Suspender Belt / Garter Belt was made for beautiful women of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! It not only looks gorgeous; it's made of strong, elasticized mesh that SLIMS YOUR WAIST, HIPS, & TUMMY.

This retro-style garter belt is comfortable, too! While cheap products have waistbands that are thin and tight, ours is wider, with soft material that won't cut into your skin. Plus, it retains its elasticity over time so you always have a great fit. The sofsy Mesh Suspender / Garter Belt is made of quality materials, including custom designed durable metal clips that aren't prone to breakage like other brands.

No need to worry about your belt coming undone in the midst of a romantic evening or work presentation! This high-waisted belt is designed to be worn with our stretchy 15 Denier Thigh-high Stockings. Wear them together for work, your wedding, casual outings, evenings on the town, or romantic encounters. FEEL YOUR SEXY, FEMININE BEST — even if no one knows you're wearing it but you! Also makes a fun holiday or anytime gift for your wife or girlfriend.

sofsy 15 Denier Stockings (Sold separately)

Don't you hate it when you put on a brand new pair of cheap stockings — and they instantly ladder or tear? Or start to sag after just one wear? Once you try our luxury sofsy Over Knee Thigh-High Stockings, you'll never go back! These premium thigh-highs are made of SILKY, 15 DEN nylon that has an ultra-opaque, sexy look. At the same time, our stockings are SUPREMELY DURABLE and resist runs and snags.

They're MANUFACTURED IN ITALY, known for its high-quality hosiery. Compared with other 15 Denier solid opaque Garter Stockings ours stay looking smooth and gorgeous wear after wear thanks to higher quality materials and our special manufacturing process.

The stretchy nylon provides a FEEL-GOOD FIT while also retaining its shape (won't sag!). Plus, unlike other thigh-highs that cut into your skin, our TOP BAND IS SOFT AND COMFORTABLE yet maintains its tension and elasticity over time.

sofsy 15 Denier Thigh-High Stockings are designed to be paired with our Garter Belt (sold separately) to create a sexy, timeless lingerie ensemble. Wear them to work, under evening wear, on your wedding day, or on their own!

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