Spot Welder Control,Spot Welder Time Control Module Digital Display Controller Board (40A)
  • ❤You can save the last operation, monopulse triggers this module.
  • ❤Voltage compensation: According to the local voltage change, automatically adjust the compensation output, and displays local voltage and compensation value for about 1 second while triggering.
  • ❤0-999 welding count function: The number of weldings is clear at a glance. Press and hold the encoder for 3 seconds to clear the count bit.
  • ❤Time input 0-99 cycle (1 cycle is 20ms), adjustable welding strength 30%-99%.
  • ❤9-12V AC power input, need to use AC transformer.
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Spot Welder Control,Spot Welder Time Control Module Digital Display Controller Board (40A)
Spot Welder Control,Spot Welder Time Control Module Digital Display Controller Board (40A)
The spot welder control module is developed for DIY or simple battery welder. Mainly used for welding nickel-plated single cells or battery packs. The module includes a main board and display board, optional 40A and 100A bidirectional thyristor, excluding welding transformers, welding pens and other tools.

Product Description

Spot Welder Time Control Module

How to use:

1. Voltage Calibration

  • Voltage calibration must be performed at the first time. Calibration is no longer required as long as power transformer of the module is not replaced. Of course, if the voltage is not correct, you can also calibrate it.
  • Calibration operation: press the encoder knob, then supply power to the module, enter the calibration interface. The first option can adjust the flashing value, adjust with the short encoder, after three adjustments, short press the encoder to enter the operation interface. For example, the measuring voltage is 220V, then the calibration interface can be adjusted to 220.

2. Display Interface

  • Digital adjustment: Short press the encoder knob until the corresponding value flashes, short press the encoder to enter the work interface. In work interface, when the calculated value is greater than 0, press the encoder for about 3 seconds to clear the value.


  • DIY this module requires some electrician knowledge. When installing, pay attention to the electrical safety of high-voltage components. When the frequency and power are high, SCR needs a radiator.
  • The power that the module drives the load depends on the power of the silicon controlled rectifier. BAT41 (40A) can bring one microwave oven transformer, BAT100 (100A) you can bring two microwave oven transformers.
  • If you do not know the welding time and power of the welded parts, it is recommended to increase the welding time and power from small to high to avoid damage to the welding pen.

Causes of failure and troubleshooting:

  • The local voltage does not match the actual voltage: re-calibrate the voltage.
  • If the solder joints are not firm, adjust the soldering time and power until a satisfactory result is achieved.
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