Baby Bum Brush, Original Diaper Rash Cream Applicator, Soft Flexible Silicone, Unique Gift, [Pink]

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At Baby Bumco, we understand how agonizing it is to see your baby in pain. An irritable diaper rash is uncomfortable for both baby and parent and as a parent, all you want to do is give your little one relief. Help soothe your baby’s diaper rash with the Baby Bumco diaper rash applicator. This unique diaper rash brush will help you gently apply ointment, paste, moisturizer, or healing cream to your baby’s bottom. The cream will go on smoother, thicker, and faster when you utilize the genius design of our applicator. To use the brush, you apply a generous amount of cream to the brush face. Then, gently rub it on your baby’s butt. Once the cream thoroughly covers the rash, wipe the brush clean with an antibacterial wipe. Additionally, you can boil the brush in hot water to clean it. The brush is made from soft, smooth silicone that will feel heavenly against your baby’s irritated skin. The silicone is BPA-free and toxin-free for your little one’s safety. It is also compliant with California Proposition 65. This brush features a suction cup base that will allow it to stand upright on any surface. Simply press down the brush on a flat surface and it will stick! This makes diaper changing significantly easier as you don’t need to worry nearly as much about making a mess. Our diaper rash brush is especially useful if you don’t like getting pungent-smelling cream under your nails. It will also reduce accidentally scratching your baby. Add this cool brush to a gift set or basket at a baby shower since it’s the perfect present new moms! It’s also perfect for nannies and daycare facilities who want to give parents peace of mind. This brush can be used for both baby boys and girls. Give your baby the best by adding this diaper cream applicator to your baby skincare supplies today!

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