Clakit Smartphone Strap Pack - Backpack Shoulder Strap Pocket - Backpack Attachment for Hikers, Travelers, Students, and Commuters
  • 6.5\" high
  • 4\" wide
  • StrapPacks can be worn on a backpack shoulder strap, belt or any padded strap up to 3”W x 1/2”D using a patented Clakit Clip (included). Easy to install; simply wrap clip around shoulder strap and squeeze to lock. Belt loop webbing on back of pouch can be resized for belt/waistband up to 5 inches wide.
  • The Large Smartphone StrapPack gives you quick and easy access to your smartphone and keeps it secure from theft. It fits smartphone models up to 7”H x 3.75”W x 1/2”D (including case).
  • Pouch is made of heavy duty 1000D water-resistant nylon with front hook/loop flap.
  • Nylon clip provides a secure, no-slip, no-bounce and comfortable fit. Tested to 120 mph and 25 pounds.
  • StrapPacks include Clakit MOLLE Pouch and Clip
  • L - 6.5" x 3.75" x .5"
  • Khaki
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Clakit Smartphone Strap Pack - Backpack Shoulder Strap Pocket - Backpack Attachment for Hikers, Travelers, Students, and Commuters
Clakit Smartphone Strap Pack - Backpack Shoulder Strap Pocket - Backpack Attachment for Hikers, Travelers, Students, and Commuters

Product Description

Clakit was conceived while hiking in the California mountains and realizing that everything was on our backs - even items we used often. When you needed to access something, you have to stop, shed your bag, search for the item(s), and then repack. That, or stop and ask the person behind you to rustle through your bag.

Whether its water, a smartphone, map, wallet, snack, or permits - everything seemed to be inconveniently located. Clakit shifts the storage from your back, to the front of your body.  This makes the often-used items more accessible as well as secure. 

About the Smartphone StrapPack

​Clakit StrapPacks are lightweight and water-resistant pockets that attach anywhere along a strap or belt, requiring just 2" of strap space. With the patented clip, get a secure, no-slip fit to your bag. Its simple to install - simply wrap the clip around the desired strap and squeeze to lock.

The pouch will fit most smartphone models, including the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7,  and the Samsung S6. StrapPacks can be installed on either right and left shoulder straps. You can even install multiple StrapPacks on a single strap. 

The clip can be reused with any accessory that has a belt loop or clip, or molle backing.  You can also utilize GoPros and similar cameras (requires adaptor - not included).

  • Constructed of 1000D Nylon Cordura - Lightweight, yet heavy duty.
  • Water-resistant to protect your phone from the elements
  • Attaches to your backpack shoulder strap, belt, or any strap up to 3" Wide
  • Whats Inlcuded: one Patented Clakit Clip, one Smartphone StrapPack
  • Shoulder harness not included.

The Clakit Clip

What makes Clakit unique? The patented Clakit Clip.  Included with the StrapPack, the clip transforms any bag into a verstaile storage solution.  The clip locks securely onto your bag - tested up to 25 lbs and up to 120mph, it holds strong and gives you piece of mind your valuables are safe.

You can interchange pouches to the front of your backpack, daypack, baby carrier, or messenger bag. Rather than place often used items on your back, Clakit lets you put them on your front using available shoulder strap space.

Clakit has various applications an is only limited by your imagination.  Great for commuting, traveling, sportsmen, hiking, photography and more.

Other Products from Clakit

The Utility Pouch

A favorite for travelers.  Store your valubales and documents in the pouch and ensure that you are secure from theives while at home or abroad.

Available in both Pink & Black.

The Water Bottle Holder

The ideal solution for the avid hiker, runner, or backpacker.  Keep your waterbottle within arms reach. 

Available in Black.

Pack of 3 Clakit Clips

The simple solution for combining pouches you may already own with your favorite bag. 

Make the transition between multiple bags seamless or give yourself added functionality to your daily bag.

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