Fuel Injector Set of 8 - Replaces part 17113698 - Fits Cadillac,Escalade,Chevrolet,Silverado,SSR ,Suburban,Tahoe,Avalanche ,Express,GMC,Savana,Sierra and Yukon 4.8L,5.3L, 6.0L V8 Vehicles -Year 00-07

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The fuel injectors transfers gas from the tank into the engine cylinders to provide power for the vehicle. If you have a bad fuel injector, your vehicle will likely have poor gas mileage, lose power, or have misfires.

Installation instructions for fuel injectors (Please read the instructions carefully before installation.)

  1. Clean up the surrounding environment of the fuel injectors, so as to avoid unnecessary pollution caused by the dirt entrapped in the engine during the subsequent disassembly of the fuel injectors.
  2. Release fuel pressure ,then remove the intake manifold cover and intake manifold.
  3. First disconnect the plug from the injector. Then disconnect the vacuum tube and fuel return tube from the fuel pressure regulator, and then disconnect the fuel hose from the distributor.
  4. Remove the retaining nuts on the distributor and harness rack. Remove the distributor ,then remove the injector from the distributor
  5. Install the new washer on the injector. Attention should be paid to first applying a clean oil layer to the new O-ring and then installing it on the injector.
  6. First insert the injector into the distributor. Then attention should be paid to applying a clean oil layer to the new seal ring and then pressing the fuel injectors into the intake manifold .(Pay attention to the damage of the 0-ring,and the injector should be installed on the distributor first, and then on the intake manifold)
  7. Replace the fuel hose with a new washer and connect it to the distributor. Then connect the plug on the injector and harness, and connect the vacuum hose and return pipe to the fuel pressure regulator.
  8. Install intake manifold and intake manifold cover.
  9. Turn on the ignition switch, but do not start the engine. After the fuel pump runs for about 2 seconds, the pressure in the fuel pipeline rises. Repeat the above two or three times, and then check for fuel leakage.
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