Strictly Briks - Big Briks Set - 84 Pieces - 12 Rainbow Colors - Compatible with All Major Brands - Large Building Blocks for Ages 3 and Up

Product Description

Stictly Briks is the ultimate source for creative play! We offer an affordable way to build with all of your existing large-size construction set pegs.
With our Big Briks platforms and baseplates in various shapes and up to 24 colors along with our building briks, the sky is the limit for your child's creativity!

Let fun and creativity shine with our Brik Sets. Basic Builder and Starter sets are perfect for beginners! Our Big Briks are sturdy, durable, easy to stack and are compatible with all other major big bricks brands. Stack em' up with our Tower Construction sets! With our stackable platforms and many different color options, the possibilites are endless for what your child can create.

We offer a variety of Big Briks baseplates in several sizes and colors! Use these baseplates to save your child's creation or take it on the go. Our Big Briks Stackable Baseplates are great for building a display or organizer for your toys and construction sets. Showcase your creativity to build huge houses, castles, towers, and more!

The Cube offers a totally new way to play! This unique building set has 6 separate pieces that come together to create various building surfaces that are still compatible with Strictly Briks and your other favorite brick building sets.

Our silicone briks are made of soft, water resistant silicone. Use silicone straps to create swings, slides, mosaics, finishing touches to your child's creations, and even wearable jewelry! These can be used for anything that requires a flexible surface.

Think outside the square! Your child can change the way they build with our unique baseplate shapes including circles, half circles, and triangles. These can be used as shelves, additions to already existing sets, and much more!

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