HAIR.TOXX CIC BEAUTY Frozen Flat Iron - Hair Straightener - Ice Cold Treatment For Hairs - For Professional Salons - Protection, Hydration, Softness, Shiny Hairs, Cryotherapy Treatment
  • ✅ SUBZERO HAIR TREATMENT: Ice-cold cryotherapy for at home, between-salon maintenance is the coolest way to \"freeze out\" damage to the hair! Reaching the temperature of -5°C/23°F, this hair cryotherapy tool and Hair.Toxx products freeze nourishment and protein into the hair. Together with the Hair.Toxx kit, cryotherapy repairs damage caused by chemical, mechanical or environmental stressors. The result is hair that is shiny and smooth.
  • ✅ EASY TO OPERATE AND TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Our Frozen Flat Iron is suitable for wavy, curly, straight, thick, or thin hair. Place the detachable thermal boards into your freezer for 2 hours and you are ready to freeze away damage. Lightweight and handy, this flat iron easily packs up for your road trip.
  • ✅ LONG LASTING STYLE: The cryotherapy effect of the Frozen Flat Iron pushes the amino acids found in Hair.Toxx products deeper into the hair. After any salon-based chemical service, the ice-cold treatment will give life back to your hair, restoring to its maximum its 3D shine and ultra-softness. Ready to protect your hair in different environments, this process will help prolong your hairstyle and deep penetrating effect.
  • ✅ HYALURONIC ACID & ACAÍ BERRY: For maximum results, we recommend using the Frozen Flat Iron with our Hair.Toxx treatments, rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Acai Berry. Hyaluronic Acid is a carbohydrate compound that is found in our bodies, it can draw 1000x its weight in moisture from the surrounding air. Acai Berry is a Brazilian fruit that provides natural protection against environmental stressors. Açaí Berry is rich in vitamins A and B1, proteins, and essential fatty acids.
  • ✅ CONFIDENCE: Hair.Toxx is trying to make your busy life a little less hectic by providing you the tools to get shiny, manageable, and voluminous hair. We are confident that you will see results and be thrilled with your purchase.
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HAIR.TOXX CIC BEAUTY Frozen Flat Iron - Hair Straightener - Ice Cold Treatment For Hairs - For Professional Salons - Protection, Hydration, Softness, Shiny Hairs, Cryotherapy Treatment
HAIR.TOXX CIC BEAUTY Frozen Flat Iron - Hair Straightener - Ice Cold Treatment For Hairs - For Professional Salons - Protection, Hydration, Softness, Shiny Hairs, Cryotherapy Treatment

Product Description

The cryotherapy hair treatment concept is the coolest way to freeze out damaged hair!

This subzero treatment is a boost to the Hair.Toxx Deep treatment (not included) by freezing the nourishment and protein inside the hair strand - which makes the affects of the treatment last longer and act deeper.


cic beauty is introducing the Frozen Flat Iron, which will keep the damaged hair frozen out at home! It is easy to apply and you can do it yourself. Have fabulous hair every day! Combined with the Hair.Toxx Deep Treatment, it reaches -5°C/23°F to create incredible protection from external damage. This is the best way to keep your hair healthy and young without leaving home!

Cryotherapy For The Hair (Ice-Cold Treatment)

It is a revolutionary treatment that recovers damaged and fragile hair. Working with extremely low temperatures, it acts on the hair’s strand from the inside out, correcting and replenishing the damaged fibers. This technology freezes the nutrients and the hyaluronic acid at the hair’s cortex, boosting and prolonging the Hair.Toxx Deep Treatment. The search for the perfect hair is a constant concern! Not only does natural daily damage (sun exposure and pollution, for example), but also chemical damage (such as straightening, staining, and discoloration) ruin the healthy fiber of hair. Thus, the hair becomes porous, extremely fragile, and unprotected.

The solution to perfect hair is simple: finishing negative temperature treatments! Responsible for properties such as shine, silkiness, and protection. Hair Cryotherapy has been shown to be not only a healthy-looking promoter but also a great ally for cortex protection.

Ice-Cold Treatment is a technique that gives hair treatments a new grand finale, improving results in less time.

When combined with Hair. Toxx treatment, the Ice-Cold Treatment technique proves to be the ideal path to perfect hair, promoting strength and endurance by rebuilding the chemical-damaged cortex and ending protection with a cuticle super-seal with negative temperatures. , promoting the duration of treatment longer and with a more apparent result.

Home Care Handling

Subzero Cryotherapy Professional (salon professional only)

It’s a super cuticle alignment promoted by the negative temperature (-16oC) with subzero pro treatment only available in our patter salon.*

*Visit our website for a list of professional that offer the service near you

Home Care Handling

Subzero Cryotherapy Pro Iron only available with a certified salons

Cryotherapy Hair Treatment

How It Freezes Out The Damaged Hair

Flat Hair toxx formula


Ice Cold Treatment For Hairs

Freezes the Nutrients

How to Use It:

To prolong the salon treatment, the Frozen Flat Iron goes until -5C and can be applied by the client. Also, combined with the home care treatment from Hair. Toxx, it renews the effect of Hair. Toxx Full Treatment, allowing your hair to stay protected for a longer time.


Remove the thermal boards from the flat iron and put them on the freezer for 2 hours;


Wash the hair with Gentle Clarifier Shampoo*. Repeat if desired;


Remove the water excess from the hair with a towel;


Mix 5ml of the Revitalizing Serum* with 20g of the Protective Masque* using the syringe to help with the Revitalizing Serum measure and the bowl to help with the Protective Mask measure.


Apply the mix section by section in therapy form; using our cic beauty Sealock application


Remove the thermal boards from the freezer, put them on the flat iron and immediately start the Ice-Cold Treatment by passing 3 times on each hair section;


Rinse with cold water;


Finalize blowing dry the hair;


Done! The damaged hair is frozen out!

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