[Taro's Origami Studio] Standard 6 Inch One Sided 23 Colors 300 Sheets Square Easy Fold Premium Japanese Paper for Beginner (Gold and Silver Included)
  • THIS IS THE MOST POPULAR PAPER FOR ORIGAMI. With about 60 GSM weight, color on one side, and a smooth folding surface, this paper is thin but strong and has great crease memory. This kind of one-sided color paper is called \"KAMI\" in Japanese and is the True Standard for origami folders around the world.
  • TARO'S ORIGAMI STUDIO paper was designed and curated by our staff based on countless hours of teaching & folding. This authentic paper is made in Japan, uses the highest quality non-toxic inks, and is machine cut for pin-point accuracy. It is simply the highest quality for standard origami paper.
  • INCLUDES FREE TARO'S ORIGAMI METHOD VIDEOS: follow the instructions on the back of this product to unlock FREE step-by-step videos using the TARO'S ORIGAMI METHOD to help you develop your origami skills.
  • ORIGAMI CREATIONS you can make with this standard origami paper range from simple boats, cranes, and flowers to more elaborate models like dinosaurs, animals and flowers.
  • STANDARD 6 inch (15 cm), 300 SHEETS, 23 COLORS (color on one side white on the other side) including Gold and Silver, MADE IN JAPAN. Taro's Origami Studio is located in Brooklyn NY.
  • 300 Sheets, 23 Colors
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[Taro's Origami Studio] Standard 6 Inch One Sided 23 Colors 300 Sheets Square Easy Fold Premium Japanese Paper for Beginner (Gold and Silver Included)
[Taro's Origami Studio] Standard 6 Inch One Sided 23 Colors 300 Sheets Square Easy Fold Premium Japanese Paper for Beginner (Gold and Silver Included)


Product Description

About Taro's Origami Studio and Origami Master, Taro Yaguchi

Taro’s Origami Studio was first founded in 2011 at Park Slope, Brooklyn by Taro Yaguchi with the ambition to share the benefits of origami. Taro’s mission is to create more exposure to the culture of origami by immersing spectator involvement as well as demonstrating the benefits. Taro’s Origami Studio now has a second location in Oakland, California. The studio offers drop-in sessions and classes for folders of any level as well as materials for this craft. The studio also has items such as gift boxes, greeting cards, Iwako erasers and other Japanese products. Over the last five years, Taro’s has worked with clients from all over the country.


About Origami Master, Taro Yaguchi

Taro Yaguchi is a patent lawyer who is also a celebrated origami artist. He developed the love for paper as a child growing up in Japan and it began with his grandfather's business of washi, Japanese traditional paper. As an origami artist, he always challenges himself in ways he can share the art of origami with the world. Since the rebirth of origami in his life, Taro has introduced an origami method system, giant folding demonstrations, and Life through Folding.

Since opening the first origami studio in New York City, Taro hopes to show the endless benefits of origami. Taro's Origami Method helps individuals understand the spatial relationships in a piece of paper in order to make a model. The method also allows for cognitive opportunities such as learning patience, muscle memory, creativity, and happiness.

The philosophy of the studio was to display the importance of origami experience by sharing with an audience and therefore he began demonstrating Giant Origami Folding performances. Here he brings a solitary activity, often kept at home, to a stage that invites collaboration. Since his first demonstration at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, he has done live performances for Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Montclair Museum, Harmony for Peace Foundation, Japan Embassy and Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia.

Made in Japan

Taro's Origami Studio - Origami Paper are all made in Japan, origami's home country. Our paper is sourced from Japan's top origami paper manufacturers including TOYO, SHOWA-GRIMM and KURASAWA. The paper is carefully prepared and cut using large scale machines to ensure high quality color and precision by highly-skilled paper craftsmen and the color inks used to dye the paper are deemed as safe according to the Food Sanitation Act of Japan.

This set contains standard size origami paper with 23 colors and 300 sheets.

You need to choose the paper based on the type and difficulty of the origami model you'd like to fold.  This six inch square paper is the standard size, and you can fold many origami models from it.  In this value package, you get 300 sheets in 23 assorted colors.



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