12V High Force (850 lbs. / 1 in.) Linear Actuator |IP 65 Protection for Industrial, Agriculture Usage | Brushed DC Electric Motor and Stainless-Steel Stroke | Model PA-17-1-850
  • ✅ HIGH FORCE – PA 17 model offers power and durability for applications that require dynamic linear motion and versatility. One of our strongest units and able to withstand harsh environments. The stainless-steel shaft accompanied by metal gears allows it to push and pull up to 2000 lbs, and hold up to 4000 lbs.
  • ✅ FEATURES – The environmental protection rating provides a versatile unit able to withstand dust, water, and harsh environments. The heavy duty actuator is the only unit in our line of products with adjustable limit switches, which allows customers fully control over where to start and stop the actuator.
  • ✅ INDUSTRIES - Can be used in a variety of different applications, from lifting a marine hatch on a boat to being utilized in industrial machinery equipment found in the construction industry. Might be used in modern forage harvesters, combines and feeding machines.
  • ✅ TESTING – All our products are undergo thorough testing before they are released for sale. They are designed to work in even very harsh conditions and to tolerate washing, without damaging the finer electronics inside.
  • ✅ SUPERB QUALITY GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK! Progressive Automations actuators are quiet, clean, non-toxic and energy efficient. Our products can also be designed to suit your requirements and our support team of engineers are skilled to help you with your product integration.
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  • 1"
  • 850 lbs
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12V High Force (850 lbs. / 1 in.) Linear Actuator |IP 65 Protection for Industrial, Agriculture Usage | Brushed DC Electric Motor and Stainless-Steel Stroke | Model PA-17-1-850
12V High Force (850 lbs. / 1 in.) Linear Actuator |IP 65 Protection for Industrial, Agriculture Usage | Brushed DC Electric Motor and Stainless-Steel Stroke | Model PA-17-1-850


This is a heavy-duty industrial actuator capable of lifting extremely high amounts of force. It is very durable and primarily used for high-force applications. This makes it very popular in marine, automotive, manufacturing and home automation as well as industrial equipment and hobby design. It is compatible with all of our control boxes, rocker switches and designated mounting brackets.

From the manufacturer

industrial mini heavy duty high force solar waterproof linear actuators  USA made


We are Progressive Automations, manufacturer and distributor of linear actuators and linear motion control products worldwide. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and are always striving for more. We have developed and designed a wide range of products to match the growing demand for automation across industries. We also have a great collection of motion control systems for all our linear actuators that can be easily connected to any one of our units.

Our goal is to lead innovation while bringing you the most affordable, high-quality linear motion products that money can buy.

Mini High Speed DC Motor durable harsh environment salt water Strongest linear electric Actuator 3000 lbs High Force Potentiometer 2000 lbsDC Electric Motor and Heavy Duty Capabilities 24V Solar Linear Actuator Hall Effect Electric Sensor with IP66 and Brushed DC Motor  18 24 36 inch
PA-09 PA-13 PA-17 PA-100
Input Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC 24VDC
Stroke 2" - 40" 4" - 40" 1" - 24" 18" - 36"
Force 330 lbs 3000 lbs 850 lbs & 2000 lbs 3300 lbs
Speed (no load) 0.39"/sec 0.25"/sec 0.33"/sec - 0.66"/sec 0.06"/sec
IP rating IP66 IP66 IP65 IP66
Feedback Optional Optional
Noise dB<45(A) dB<90(A) dB<45(A) dB<56(A)
Current (full load) 4A 20A 20A 6A
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