Wegreeco 2 Pack Premium Wet Bag,Baby Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags, Waterproof Reusable Wet Bags for Swimsuits, Wet Clothes,Soiled Baby Items with 2 Zipper Pockets Size (Turtle and Paw Prints)
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Wegreeco 2 Pack Premium Wet Bag,Baby Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags, Waterproof Reusable Wet Bags for Swimsuits, Wet Clothes,Soiled Baby Items with 2 Zipper Pockets Size (Turtle and Paw Prints)
Wegreeco 2 Pack Premium Wet Bag,Baby Wet Dry Cloth Diaper Bags, Waterproof Reusable Wet Bags for Swimsuits, Wet Clothes,Soiled Baby Items with 2 Zipper Pockets Size (Turtle and Paw Prints)

Product Description

reusable wet dry bag

Wegreeco strives to make things lessening the amount of trash a family produces. We are on a mission to bring more reusable products into homes by making them practical and beautiful.

When you buy and use a reusable product, you are showing your children how to care for the world they will inherit.

  • Wet/Dry Bag
  • Stylish Prints
  • No Wicking or Leaking
  • Reusable & Washable
  • 2 Zippered Compartments
  • Hidden Durable Stitching Seams
  • Space-saving & Keep Home Fresh


wet bag

Wet/Dry Bag

Wegreeco wet/dry diaper bag has a front pocket that can be used for clean diapers, and the main pocket is lined with PUL for dirty diapers. It is the truly wonderful that it allows you to neatly store your wet or dirty items along with clean dry ones in the same bag, great for daycare families. Perfect baby shower gift for the mom to be! Keep moisture in, remain dry on the outside.

Multiple Purposes

They can use for both young children and the mature adult, it is extremely well for storing diapers, swimwear, wet towels, nursing pads, family cloth, cloth menstrual pads, shoes, or gym wear or anything really wet into these liners until laundry day, one of the absolute must-have cloth diapering accessories. A convenient, easy and so stylish way to store wet items out of sight.

You can also use this wet bag in your kitchen. Use the strap to hang it from a cabinet knob. Store all your kitchen napkins, dish towels, unpaper towels, baby bibs and whatever else you use in the kitchen until you are ready to wash the load. Or as an trash bag inside your car.

A cool option for go reusable parents everyday's garbage and recycling in your home, or just on your way to the pool, or during traveling. An innovative product for reusable life, the possibilities are endless!


wet dry bag

Material: High quality leak-free TPU

Dimensions: 11.8 inches X 15.7 inches tall. Designed to hold 5-7 cloth diapers.

Seams: Hidden, sealed seams, no leak or wick.

The sturdy nylon handles with a clever snap handle for easy carrying and picking out or attach to hooks, towel rails, or a door knob, easy to carry around, hang or carry around, saving space. Perfect for small spaces.

Stylish Pattern & Easy to Use

Wegreeco reusable diaper pail liners come in many colorful prints and solids colors. They are personalities, matching every room in your house. These cloth bags keep your baby's biggest messes sealed within, works so well with your baby's nursery, you can simply turn the wet bag inside out into your washing machine, dumping the diapers in, and then toss it in the wash with your soiled diapers, keep your hands clean. A simple way to make your cloth diaper experience much more pleasant.

Machine Washable

Machine wash warm or cold. Wet items must be fully wrung out before placed in the bag, excess water may cause leaks through the seams. Wash your diapers every 2-3 days. Over time, urine breaks down to uric acid, which creates an odor, and can cause damage to the fibers in your diapers and elastic.Tumble dry low or hang to dry. No bleach or softeners. Line dry for extended life, with occasional tumble drying to keep PUL lining sealed. Quick Drying! Makes life easy for parents. The inside of the wet bag is completely wipeable.


diaper pail liner

Reusable Leakproof Construction

The leak-free TPU is a fabric, which keeps off wicking and leaks, keeping odors and moisture in.

packet diaper

Practical Wet Dry Bag

Wegreeco wet dry bags has double zippered pockets, carry all items in one cloth diaper bag while keeping dry and wet or soiled items separately and moisture and odors in.

wet bags

Precise Stitching & Durable

Wegreeco takes great attention on Quality and Durability. All of cloth diaper pail liner are precise stitching, sealed seams for no leaking,can withstand numerous washings.

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