Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Spicy Maple, Organic Maple Syrup Infused with Habanero Peppers, 13.5 Ounce Bottle
  • ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP from New York's Catskill Mountains infused with a spicy mix of chili peppers for a spicy sweet combo that's great on everything
  • LOCALLY SOURCED maple syrup is infused and bottled in our Brooklyn, New York kitchen
  • TASTY AND VERSATILE condiment and marinade - drizzle onto a pan of vegetables for a spicy sweet caramelization, or use as a marinade with oily fish, red meat or sausage
  • ADD FLAVOR AND SPICE up your favorite cocktails and drinks - use in place of simple sugar to add dimension and heat to your homemade cocktails
  • GRADE A MAPLE SYRUP is Amber in color with a rich taste. Spicy Maple is Vegan, Gluten Free and Paleo-Friendly.
  • Spicy Maple
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Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Spicy Maple, Organic Maple Syrup Infused with Habanero Peppers, 13.5 Ounce Bottle
Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Spicy Maple, Organic Maple Syrup Infused with Habanero Peppers, 13.5 Ounce Bottle

Product Description

Bushwick Kitchen

It all started with ingredients.

On that first night, in February 2014, we were fueled by pizza and whiskey at our kitchen table in Bushwick as we chased the idea of making sauces. But before long, we were combing the Hudson Valley for the best wildflower honey; four-wheeling through snowdrifts in the Catskill Mountains in pursuit of the richest maple syrup; eating our way through Queens to discover the most complex gochujang; and sourcing the warmest cinnamon bark from Indonesia, the briniest sea salt from Amagansett, and chili peppers from around the world.

Two years and nine products later, Bushwick Kitchen has grown into a national brand with retail presence in every state, and spread across the world with customers in 34 countries on six continents. (We’re still waiting on Antarctica.) All of our products are mixed, infused, bottled, and shipped by hand from our kitchen in Brooklyn, NY. 

Trees Knees Spicy Maple

Combining sweet maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains with a spicy mix of chile peppers, Trees Knees Spicy Maple is great on anything from a pan of roasted vegetables to crispy fried bacon to slices of skillet cornbread. 

Best chicken and waffles ever? We think so. 

Ingredients: Organic Grade A Maple Syrup, Chile Peppers

Infused, bottled, and shipped by hand in Brooklyn, NY.

Rich, fiery, and oh-so-decadent, Trees Knees Spicy Maple makes for a delicious marinade for oily fish, poultry, red meats, and sausages. We love this version on salmon with a touch of soy sauce and ginger.

Swap your one-note simple syrup for Trees Knees Spicy Maple. It'll add deep dimension and a touch of heat, upping the ante on any homemade cocktail. 

A drizzle of Trees Knees Spicy Maple adds spicy-sweet carmelization to a pan of roasted vegetables. 

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