Backseat Car Organizer by Hello Little Monsters - Kids Toy Car Storage - Travel Accessories for Baby - Child Car Seat Protector - Perfect for Baby Shower Gift - Must Have Interior Car Accessories
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Backseat Car Organizer by Hello Little Monsters - Kids Toy Car Storage - Travel Accessories for Baby - Child Car Seat Protector - Perfect for Baby Shower Gift - Must Have Interior Car Accessories
Backseat Car Organizer by Hello Little Monsters - Kids Toy Car Storage - Travel Accessories for Baby - Child Car Seat Protector - Perfect for Baby Shower Gift - Must Have Interior Car Accessories

Product Description

Backseat car organizer by Hello Little Monsters

Tired of CLEANING YOUR CAR ALL THE TIME? If your kids are messy - as all kids are - and you need to spend more time tidying up the car, then strapping them into their seats, then our backseat organizer will give you back all that time you lost tidying and organizing the back seats!

Worry less & KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD! With the backseat organizer attached behind your seat will hold all the stuff, your kids will be able to reach in front of them and grab everything they need during the ride, so you don't have to worry anymore and you can drive safer.

Keep essentials in your car at all times! The organizer is an accessory to store all those essentials you need day after day. Diapers, wipes, snacks, water, sun glasses, even an extra toothbrush... Our backseat organizer can store all those items and more in a neet way, so you don't have to worry about forgetting something important at home. It’s also great for traveling and road trips and holidays.

It's never too early to teach your kids about organization. Our happy customers have pointed out that having a backseat organizer was a great way to start teaching their kids and grandkids about organization, why it's important and how to do it in a new, fun way. 


Our backseat organizer has 15 pockets of different sizes, so you can fit anything you’d like!

  • Diapers, wipes, tissues
  • Sippy cups, bottles & drinks,
  • Snacks, Food pouch, Chocolate bars
  • Books, Kindle, Electronic device, Tablet
  • Teddy bears, dolls & other toys
  • Change of clothes & shoes
They all fit in our backseat car organizer! It’s perfect for family travels and vacations, as you can also put in documents, or your own snacks and drinks, if your family is still just you and your husband. It’s detachable Velcro wallet is just perfect for this job! Organizing the back seat, will never be an issue anymore!

Environmental friendly And Durable

Don’t worry if your baby starts chewing the edges. It’s green materials won’t harm the health of your precious one. The organizer is waterproof, so if any cup or bottle leaks a little, don’t worry about a mess. Worry only if your kid opens that bottle and sprays it all over your car! The double stitches in parts that wear out easily and soon, ensure the durability of the organizer. It works also as a seat cover and protects your seat, while leaving ample space for your child’s feet on the car floor.

Want to know how to make you daily trips to daycare and afternoon activity and traveling on the road easier? Get our Backseat Car Organizer and see for yourself!


SAFETY FIRST - We know kids can be hard to manage sometimes. And it's even harder to keep your eyes on the road, on the children in the backseat and on your stuff, all at the same time!

That’s why our Backseat car organizer is made from quality materials, with double stitching in places that wear out easily. The material is also odorless and waterproof, so you don't have to worry if your child spills anything on it. You can clean it easily with just a wet towel or a baby wipe.

It comes with a DETACHABLE POCKET!

Attach the detachable pocket / wallet to the organizer with a velcro strap and is easy to remove and take it on the go.

It's great for storing so many items, here a just a few smart ideas:

  • crayons & coloring pencils
  • snacks and chocolate bars
  • mobile phone charger and usb drives
  • toothbrush, combs, eye masks
  • ​passports, bills or coins, documents


Baby showers: 
Expecting parents don’t know anything yet about putting a crying infant in a car seat. Gift them this organizer and help them experience this phase easier and with as less crying as possible. Also great for newborn registry.

Mommy & Daddy & Grandparents: Parents who drive kids to school everyday will love how this organizer will save them time and stress.

UNISEX Design: With bright blue linings it’s great for boys and girls of all ages and adults too.

The Hello Little Monsters bacskeat car organizer comes in a cute box, that is perfect for giftwrapping.

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