MEMIAS Window Sheer Elegant Voile Curtain Scarf for Home, Birthday Party, Wedding Decoration, 1 Panel 54" W x 216" L, Baby Blue
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MEMIAS Window Sheer Elegant Voile Curtain Scarf for Home, Birthday Party, Wedding Decoration, 1 Panel 54" W x 216" L, Baby Blue
MEMIAS Window Sheer Elegant Voile Curtain Scarf for Home, Birthday Party, Wedding Decoration, 1 Panel 54" W x 216" L, Baby Blue

Product Description

MEMIAS Home Decoration Brand is Improving Households Coziness with a Bold Green Innovative Design


Our History and What Features MEMIAS Window Scarfs, Swags and Valances Have been Delivering to Our Customers

MEMIAS Brand inception was inspired by our founder’s little girl Mia’s dreams. Mia shared with her mother a passion for decoration, colors and quality design. Mia wanted to make curtains as beautiful as fairy tale decorations. Mia and her mother learned about curtains history and come with ideas how to bring fairy tale dreams to live. They spent a long time by researching and talking with textile and curtains experts, and most of them were touched by Mia’s dedication and passion to create something new and different. After hard work, and with experts help a MEMIAS Brand was created.

MEMIAS Windows Scarfs Valances influenced by the five hundred years developing history. During the Renaissance Era, when European history making the transition from the Middle Ages to the Modernity the house decoration started to move from the simplistic design towards elaborated sophisticated fabric. By then the windows scarfs valances were born. MEMIAS set a tone by using elaborate fabrics dressed with slight sheen, that reflects light, adds semi-sheer style and decorative flair. That design and treatment cannot be achieved with less sophisticated fabrics. MEMAIS Scarfs may change colors from day to night. When the light penetrates MEMIAS fabric layer, the scarfs start magically blend into surrounded environment. MEMIAS Scarfs created to boost visual appearance and sophisticated look, as a result the advanced fabric technology suited not only for all kinds of house decorations, but as well to all types of special events, such as Birthdays, Weddings, Parties and all other ceremony's that benefit from the special treatments.


Dressed Up Your House in Minutes.

MEMIAS Window Scarfs, Swags and Valances so easy to install, that literally could be done in minutes without any additional tools:

  • Just quickly hung scarfs over windows where curtains and drapes have been installed to better frame the window.
  • MEMIAS Scarfs will conceal drapery hardware and enhance the appearance instantly.




The Scarfs are Suited for any Room in the House, as well for Outside use and any Celebrations.


MEMIAS Advanced Innovative Fabric Design is extremely resilient and does not fade under outside wet conditions. It retains its form for years even when you use it outside virtually through any severe weather conditions and is long-lasting. Even when you have a big party, weddings and all kind of events MEMIAS Scarfs retain straightness with no need for ironing, dries very quickly and is crease-resistant. Nothing more easy to decorate your special event than hung MEMIAS Scarfs around gazebos, windows frames, doors, hooks, picture frames and almost any object in your house and outside. Connect different styles together, hide imperfectness in any setup and impress everyone with an elaborated look.

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MEMIAS Scarf Quite Blue MEMIAS Back Out Quite Blue MEMIAS Grommet Sheers Quite Blue MEMIAS Jacquard Quite Blue MEMIAS Rod Pocket Quite Blue MEMIAS Extra Wide Grommet Single Panel Sheer
MEMIAS Matching Color Scarf Quite Blue Black Out Quire Blue Grommet Sheers Quite Blue Jacquard Quite Blue Rod Pocket Quite Blue Extra Wide Grommet Single Panel Sheer Quite Blue
Available Sizes 54"x144", 54"x216" 52"x63", 52"x84", 52"x95" 54"x63", 54"x72", 54"x84", 54"x95", 54"x108", 54"x120" 52"x63", 52"x84", 52"x95 54"x63", 54"x72", 54"x84", 54"x95", 54"x108" Single Panel 104"x84", Single Panel 104"x95"
UV Blacking 75% 100% 75% 100% 75% 75%
Matching Grommet N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A Yes
Machine Washable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Durable Design Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Clgarette,Alcohol,Contraband ?Do not accept
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Chinese medicine is limited to ship by Chinese exporting goods.
2 Limitation for different shipping methods:
3 Yoybuy Product's Label:
Sensitive Product(SEN)
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4 Volume weight Requested:
volume weight=length*height*Width/5000
one side must be less than 120cm,otherwise there is additional fee;250cm products can not be accept;
Any side must be less than 60cm,otherwise you will be charged the greater one between real weight and volume weight,more than 120cm will be not accepted.
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3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
3 The conditions of accrual for amount insurance
5 Damage to the parcel during international shipping, which resulted in damage to the goods in it
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