Hydrofeet Gold High Heel Liquid Inserts (W 7-9.5)
  • DYNAMIC LIQUID TECHNOLOGY absorbs pressure prevalent on the soles and balls feet when in high heels
  • ARCH SUPPORT orthotic care shoe insert has a special memory foam cushions arch gently supports feet
  • OPTIMUM COMFORT shoe insoles improve posture for better body alignment & balance in high heels
  • BEAUTIFUL FEET reduced pressure on lower legs resulting in more pampered long and slender look
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED insoles for women high heel cushion insert for boots wedges stilettos sandals
  • Medium (Womens 6-10)
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Hydrofeet Gold High Heel Liquid Inserts (W 7-9.5)
Hydrofeet Gold High Heel Liquid Inserts (W 7-9.5)

Product Description

No need to suffer for the sake of fashion!

Most women love how high heels can make their legs look more slender and longer, but wearing them has its price - throbbing sore feet and toes, lower back, leg, and heel pain at the end of the day. Now, there is a solution to this problem! Hydrofeet Gold insoles for women can be worn in footwear with high heels of various kinds such as stilettos, wedges, boots, sandals, etc. They are only as thick as a quarter and can fit larger varieties of high heeled shoes. Now, you can enjoy comfortable high heels every day without ending up with foot pain!

Experience the innovation.

Hydrofeet Gold shoe inserts for high heels are unique to anything else in the market with their liquid glycerin which acts as an insulator. Unlike other shoe insoles made of rubber or gel, these adjust to your feet. The medical grade glycerin keeps the feet feel cool and comfy in summer and warm during winter, and it moves back and forth as the user walks. Users will then experience a reflexology-like massage in every step. Moreover, these glycerin shoe inserts cushion the heels and the balls of the feet, which reduces any aching resulted by long periods of walking or standing in heels.

Be confident and comfortable in high heels.

We have another treat for you. Hydrofeet Gold high heel insoles for women don’t just provide support and foot pain relief. They have a special memory foam arch which gives support while being gentle on the feet. It helps in reducing strain in the lower back, which in result contributes in improving posture and encouraging better body alignment and balance. In addition, these high heel inserts for shoes adjust to the feet to be able to distribute the weight from the balls of the feet to the heels, which can in turn result to better ankle stability.

Make the world your runway!

Did you know Hydrofeet Gold is a beauty product? For the feet, that is! Besides allowing you to flaunt your longer and slender-looking legs in heels daily, these women insoles reduce the pressure on your feet and encourage blood circulation. The result is pampered looking, beautiful feet and legs. Try it yourself!

The absorbent cloth layers are a moisture barrier that keeps feet cool and comfortable. Hydrofeet Gold women inserts for shoes are anti-microbial treated for odor and mildew resistance. These insoles for high heels are proven to last significantly longer than any other insoles and inserts on the market. We put our money where our feet are.

What should you expect when wearing Hydrofeet Gold therapeutic insoles for women for the first time? They feel weird! But it’s a good kind of weird. You will only get to experience this bizarre sensation during the first few days of wearing them, depending on your feet sensitivity as well. But once you get used to the glycerin shoe insoles, you won’t wear your high heel shoes without them!

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