CurcuminRich Double Strength Theracurmin by Natural Factors, Supports Natural Inflammatory Response, Joint and Heart Function, 60 capsules (60 servings)

  • DOUBLE STRENGTH: Supports the body's natural inflammatory response as well as heart and joint function with clinically supported Theracurmin
  • HIGHLY ABSORBABLE: Theracurmin is a natural form of curcumin, the key compound in turmeric, designed to dramatically improve absorption by reducing the particle size of curcumin
  • ONE CAPSULE: Once daily with or without food; Vegan, non-GMO and free of gluten and soy
  • ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Delivers powerful antioxidant activity to help maintain good health
  • THIRD-PARTY CERTIFIED: Independently tested for GMOs and over 700 contaminants using advanced technology such as mass spectrometry to ensure purity and potency
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Product Description

Unlock the power of curcumin with Double Strength Theracurmin. Highly absorbable form and clinically shown to support joint, cardiovascular and overall health.

Double Strength
Theracurmin Double Strength Theracurmin Memory Curcumizer Joint Curcumizer Whole Body Curcumizer
Theracurmin Double Strength Theracurmin Memory Curcumizer Joint Curcumizer Whole Body Curcumizer
Target Area Foundational support Foundational support Cognitive function Joint comfort and mobility Cognitive, joint and cardiovascular health
Ingredients 30 mg of Theracurmin 60 mg of Theracurmin 60 mg of Theracurmin, Bacopa, Celery Seed, Green Tea Phytosome, Resveratrol and EMIQ 60 mg of Theracurmin, White Willow, Devil’s Claw, Boswellia and Ultra Fruit Polyphenol Complex 60 mg of Theracurmin, Omega-3s EPA and DHA, Boswellia and Ultra Fruit Complex
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