CHIPMUNKK Quadcopter Drone Remote Control and Flying for Beginners. A Perfect Beginner Mini RC Helicopter. Best Drones Toy Air Quad Copter

Product Description

At Chipmunkk we believe your imagination should soar unchained into the clear blue sky, just like our incredibly easy to use drone. Drone flying has grown exponentially in popularity in recent years and rightly so. Apart from being tons of fun, they have a myriad of real life applications. Drone flying is used in many applications from photography and shooting movies to archaeology and the military. It's not just fun, you can gain real life skills. So why is our drone so special? Apart from the fact it's more awesome than a unicorn on a unicycle, here are just a few reasons: - It's made from strong, impact resistant materials. This drone is as tough as it is beautiful. - Everything you need to get flying is included. Remote control, drone battery and charging cable, propellers, propeller guards, landing gear. It's all there, conveniently packaged in a reusable box. - Easy to fly. You don't have to join Top Gun to get this bad boy into the air. The controls are simple and intuitive, you'll be zooming around like a pro in no time. - Good healthy fun! Tired of the family being stuck indoors? Sick of them being glued to screens? Get out in the sunshine and fly this amazing drone. - Create great memories together. There's nothing like quality time spent with loved ones in an activity of shared joy.


Fly Me To The Moon

Meet our Moon Kite. It's an easy to fly dream in the sky. Combine a classic delta body with streamers on the wing edges for a simple yet elegant visual profile. It's a recipe for a kite flying experience like no other. Whether it's the beach, the park or your own back yard, this kite is an eye catching winner!






It's Back...And Now It's Better Than Ever!

Meet our Rubiks Cube. It's incredible family fun! This toy has become a timeless classic since it was first invented. The ultimate test of of complex spatial reasoning and speedy fingers. Did you know that there is an algorithm that can help you solve a cube simply in the minimum number of moves? Maybe you too can become a champion speed cuber, the current record is less than 5 seconds!!

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