Fluke Networks 44300000 D-Snip Cable Scissors
  • High quality forged steel construction for strength and durability
  • File and scraper on both blades for cleaning wire
  • Notched blade for stripping 19 and 23 gauge wire
  • Cuts upto 16 gauge solid and 12 gauge stranded wire
  • Serrated blade for non slip wire cutting
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Fluke Networks 44300000 D-Snip Cable Scissors
Fluke Networks 44300000 D-Snip Cable Scissors



From the manufacturer

44300000 D-Snips Cable Scissors EverSharp Blades 11212530 Modular Crimper 11294000 Need-L-Lock Crimping Pliers 10051000 D914 Series Impact Punch Down Tool 11291000 Pro-Tool Kit IS40 with Punch Down Tool
(1) High-quality forged steel construction for strength and durability; (2) File and scraper on both blades for cleaning wire; (3) Notched blade for stripping 19- and 23-gauge wire; (4) Cuts up to 16-gauge solid and 12-gauge stranded wire; (5) Serrated blade for non-slip wire cutting (1) EverSharp blades stay sharper longer due to the special processing of the metal and blade design; (2) Standard blades available for many block types including popular Krone and BIX; (3) Keep your blades organized and secure with our unique blade storage case (1) Crimps 8-position RJ-45 connectors and 4- and 6-position RJ-11 and RJ-12 connectors; (2) Embedded flat cable cutter and stripper; (3) Steel construction with ratchet mechanism (1) Needle-nose crimping pliers; (2) UR/UY/UG connector crimper; (3) Wire stripper hole for 22- to 24-gauge wire; (4) Built-in side cutter; (5) Rubber coated handles for non-slip grip; (6) Combines a UR/UY/UG connector crimper with needle-nose pliers; (7) Aligned crimping jaws come down square to ensure a solid connection (1) Lifetime Warranty; (2) Hook and spudger tools are built into the handle; (3) Automatic spring handle---choose low impact for 24/26 gauge wire or high impact for 22-gauge wire; (4) Convenient blade storage built into the handle; (5) Adapter blade allows technician to use a variety of torque tool bits and sockets. Easy blade insertion, locks in place (1) Kit includes ergonomically designed Dur-a-Grip pouch for convenient tool storage on belt; (2) D814 industry standard punchdown tool makes for solid terminations; (3) Easy-to-use cable stripper quickly rings and slits many types of cable; (4) Use the Probe Pic to check for loose or damaged connections; (5) Cut and strip wire more cleanly and quickly with the Electricians' D-Snips
26000900 Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit MT-8200-49A Network Cable Tester MT-8200-60-KIT IntelliTone Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe Kit MS2-100 MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier
(1) Tone and trace wire on non-active networks. SmartToneTM technology provides five distinct tones for exact pair identification; (2) Sends a loud tone up to 16 km (10 miles) in most cables and provides five distinct cadences for isolating individual wire pairs; (3) Loud speaker on Probe makes the tone easier to hear through drywall, wood, and other enclosures; (4) Angled bed-of-nails clips allow easy access to individual pairs and RJ-11 easily connect to telephone jacks---no need for adapters (1) Cable tester for simple verification of wiremaps and identification of faults with LEDs; (2) Testing of twisted pair cables for open circuits, shorts, crossed pairs, reversed pairs and split pairs; (3) Remote identifier enables one-person testing; (4) Tone generator for tracing installed cables hidden in walls, floors and ceilings; (5) Easy-to-read fault display on cable tester (1) Cable tester with IntelliTone digital tone generator and probe that eliminates noise and false signals; (2) SmartTone analog toning precisely isolates individual wire pairs; (3) Locates cables safely and effectively on active networks; (4) Verifies twisted-pair installation with visual end-to-end continuity test; (5) Probe detects digital signal and 1 kHz signal from the analog toner (1) Cable tester displays cable length, wiremap, cable ID, and distance to fault on one screen; (2) Detects today's media services, including 10/100/1000 Ethernet, POTS and PoE; (3) Locates virtually any cable or wire pair with Intellitone digital and analog toning; (4) Tests all common media types, including RJ11, RJ45, coax, with no adapters; (5) Rubber over mold enhances grip and increases ruggedness; "Oversized" backlit LCD makes results crystal clear in any work environment
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