MR.LUSTRE Microfiber Buffing Towels for Cars Professional Grade Super Absorbent Car Cleaning Microfiber Towel for Washing Waxing Polishing Lint Free Auto Detailing Cloth, 24x16 inch, 1 Pack

Product Description

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MR. LUSTRE offers high-quality microfiber towels for cars and multi-purpose.

MR. LUSTRE is made in Korea only, being different grade from China.

If you want to keep your car always clean and the best condition, our product is the right answer.

Feel the softest MR. LUSTRE Towel, Save Your Time with The Perfect Towel and Finish Perfect Car Wash Unlike so far !

Make your car Clean & Shine with The Perfect Towel, MR. LUSTRE !

Try to wash your car efficiently with Various Towel types to suit your needs

Enjoy your time to wash the car and share pleasure with This Luxury Package!

single double buffing multi
MR.LUSTRE Microfiber Single Sided Drying Towel MR.LUSTRE Microfiber Double Sided Drying Towel MR.LUSTRE Microfiber Buffing Towel MR.LUSTRE Microfiber Edgeless Multipurpose Towel
Size 35 x 28 inch 35 x 28 inch 24 x 16 inch 24 x 16 inch
Material Polyester 80%, Polyamide 20% Polyester 80%, Polyamide 20% Polyester 80%, Polyamide 20% Polyester 80%, Polyamide 20%
Color Gray Gray Gray Gray
Quantity 1 1 1 1
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