Doddle & Co. | Pop Pacifier | Built-in Pacifier Case | Pops When it Drops Version | 2-Pack - Stage 1 for Ages 0-6 Months | Natural Nipple | 100% Silicone | BPA Free for Baby Infant (Teal/Grey)

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Product Description

Pop Pacifier Pops when it drops Doddle & Co. Pop & Go Pacifer Case Pinch Built-in case Doddle & Co. silicone pacifier
The Pop The Pop & Go
Pops When it Drops
Built-in Case
Recommended Age 0-6 months 3+ months
Firm Nipple for Teething Babies
Pop Pacifier Pops when it drops built in case silicone

Does it pop every time it falls?

No, it’s not meant to. It’s engineered to have a bias towards the "extended" position so that even if baby takes a break the nipple stays out and available to them. Generally speaking, upon minor impacts it will stay out and ready for baby, and upon major impacts it will pop into its bubble.

Whatʼs the difference between the pop and the pop & go?

While both pacifiers offer a built-in storage case, The Pop is specifically designed for newborns and the Pop & Go is designed for more active babies. The Pop gives extra “pops when it drops” protection for the youngest babies, and The Pop & Go offers more predictability and control of the nipple position for older babies.

When is my baby ready to transition to the Pop & Go pacifier?

Once baby is starting to put things in their mouth themselves, your baby is ready to transition to the Pop & Go pacifier. The Pop & Go firmly locks in the extended position (it’s NOT designed to pop when it drops) which gives you better control of when the nipple is available for your active baby. The Pop & Go also features a firmer nipple which is recommended for teething babies. Just like the Pop, you’ll love how simple it is to protect the nipple; whether in your bag, or dangling from a pacifier clip - just a quick pinch and the nipple tucks away!

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