TORCHSTAR 7W 4 Inch LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Junction Box, (60W Eqv.), Dimmable Downlight Fixture, Airtight & IC Rated, UL Listed, Wet Location, 2700K Soft White, 5-Year Warranty, Pack of 4

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Product Description


Air Tight

The IC rated light with airtight structure is permitted to be in contact with combustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation.





The LED recessed downlight is an innovative designed lighting that combines traditional recessed can housing and retrofit fixture all in one slim body fixture. Comes with J-box and quick-connectors, the LED recessed downlight can be easily install in different types of ceiling without having to undergo messy and complicated routing and housing reconstruction while providing you with high quality lighting every time you need.

Product advantages: All-in-one design with attached J-box, no additional recessed can and light bulb required. Slim body design occupies minimum ceiling space, perfect for sloped, shallow and other types of ceilings with limited space. Ideal replacement for 60W halogen fixture, outstanding performance with up to 90% less power consumption. Air tight construction prevents heated-air flow from affecting air conditioning performances. IC rated, complies with safety regulation and requirements. Can be install directly in ceilings with or without insulated materials. Wet locations applicable, suitable to use in bathrooms, showers, kitchens and other residential or commercial interior applications with high humidity level. 10%-100% smooth dimming without flickers, humming and pausing. Baffle trim to create an even and well distributed lighting output without glare and uneven hotspots. High product standard and safe operations. No mercury, UV, infrared or other deleterious radiation and chemical substances.

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Wattage: 7W

Voltage: 120V

Luminous flux: 550lm

CRI> 80

Beam angle: 120°

CCT: 2700K Soft White

Dimming range: 10% - 100%

Working temp: -4°F – 113°F

Cut-out size: 105mm

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