Mini Travel Makeup Brush Set 5 Pcs Mini Makeup Brushes With Synthetic Hairs Contains VITAMIN C Includes Powder Foundation Concealer Small Eyeshadow Brush And Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb
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Mini Travel Makeup Brush Set 5 Pcs Mini Makeup Brushes With Synthetic Hairs Contains VITAMIN C Includes Powder Foundation Concealer Small Eyeshadow Brush And Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb
Mini Travel Makeup Brush Set 5 Pcs Mini Makeup Brushes With Synthetic Hairs Contains VITAMIN C Includes Powder Foundation Concealer Small Eyeshadow Brush And Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb


Product Description

Brush Master 5 Pieces Portable Makeup Brushes Set with Soft Light and Bouncy Vitamin-C Synthetic Hair

About the product
This Professional Makeup Brushes Set Makes Applying Makeup a Luxurious Experience.These Makeup Brushes are Designed Exclusively by Major Beauty Industry Leaders in Mind.

Why do you choose this makeup brush set ?

This set includes 5pcs good quality brushes for the face,eyes and lips. 
1.Powder Brush
2.Foundation Brush
3.Concealer Brush
4.Small Eyeshadow Brush
5.Eyebrow and Eyelash Comb

​How do I clean makeup brushes?
  1. Run your brushes under lukewarm water. 
  2. Find a gentle shampoo or soap and start lathering the bristles without too much force. Be sure to keep the head of the brush (the metal part that holds everything together) away from the water and soap – you don’t want that part too rust, or the glue inside to loosen. 
  3. Rinse the brush again to get any soap residue off. 
  4. Lightly dry the items on a lint-free towel, fixing any stray bristles that may have gone away. 
  5. Leave the damp brush on a towel, or hang by clothespins or paper clips, to dry


  1. Brush Master's mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with the latest innovations in makeup brushes, cosmetic bags and brush care accessories and present our clients with state of the art products.
  2. We strive for exceptional quality,innovative function.
  3. Utilizing science and engineering to constantly challenge the beauty industry status,our development of makeup brushes products has been remarkable.By December of 2016,Brush Master hasobtained more than 14 patents.
  1. Brush Master is a worldwide leading brand,specialized in designing and manufacturing makeup brushes,cosmetic bags,makeup tools&accessories.with over 10 years of experience in beauty industry,Brush Master has grown from a small factory to now a publicly trading company.
  2. We are today a global company with a marked presence on all continents, we are proud to have many famous marks as our VIP clients all over the world and our products have been highly recognized and well known with our excellent quality.

Comfortable and Soft,Good Elasticity and other Features


  • The thick fiber hair is super soft and easy to apply your make-up on your face without wasting your expensive make-up.
  • Solid wood handles ensure long lasting brushes while providing stability during your application,
  • Rugged wooden handle, each brush in this make-up kit has gone through a multi-step process, wooden handle painted 5 times, with elegant finish.
  • Brush is aluminum alloy material, noble gold, brush handle is a wooden, hot stamping Gold Logo.
  • Double crimp rings made of high quality aluminum, is the best choice for high-end make-up brush.
  • Soft and silky touch, high-density hair does not fall off, do not hurt your skin; easy to clean and maintain.

Easy to Carry Small and Practical

  • All Makeup Brushes are Extremely Soft and Easy to Hold Powder, Perfect for Makeup Lady Daily & Party Usage
  • This Set Design is Perfect as a Pretty Gift for Both Personal Use and Professional Use. All These Cute Makeup Brushes are Packed in a Portable, Luxury & multi-functional Cosmetic Bag .

  • Brush Bar is a Woodle Material and has the Gilding Logo,Brush Tube is Aluminum Material, Strong anti-oxidation ability.
  • ​The Rod and the Tube are Joined Seamlessly, Adopt Precise Welding Technology to Achieve Seamless Joint of Rod and Tube.

  • Tips: When cleaning the bristles, please do not put the brush in the water, because it is wood, soak in the water will burst for a long time
  • Worth the buy: High quality makeup brush set from professional manufacturer.
  • You Will Be Impressed with our gorgeous makeup brushes set,Come and get yours!
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