XOAR PJN 17x4 Electric RC Airplane Propeller 17 Inch 2 Blade Beechwood Prop for Electric Fixed-Wing RC Planes
  • XOAR is one of the most reputable propeller brand for RC Aircrafts and Multi-copters.
  • TOP QUALITY: Carefully selected Grade A Beechwood, advanced airfoil design and CNC digital imaging process ensure consistent quality and best RC aircraft performance.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Uniquely designed hub and blade profile creates one of the lightest wooden propellers for electric flights.
  • PRE-BALANCED*: Each Xoar prop is balanced both horizontally and vertically to minimize vibration and achieve dynamic balance.
  • SPEC: Diameter: 17 in | Pitch: 4 | Weight: 42g | Shaft Diameter: 8mm | Type: Tractor Propeller
  • 17x4
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XOAR PJN 17x4 Electric RC Airplane Propeller 17 Inch 2 Blade Beechwood Prop for Electric Fixed-Wing RC Planes
XOAR PJN 17x4 Electric RC Airplane Propeller 17 Inch 2 Blade Beechwood Prop for Electric Fixed-Wing RC Planes

Product Description

XOAR Wooden Propeller for RC Model Airplanes

Xoar PJN (2 Blade) / PJI-E (3 Blade) is a wooden propeller for RC Electric Airplanes.

Xoar Propellers are ONLY made of Grade A Beechwood for excellent physical property in minimizing elongation, breakpoint, and distortion rate.


After years of experiences from our pilots' and customers' feedback and international competitions result, we came up with the initial design of XOAR's PJN Wooden Propeller. With numerous tests understanding the physical limits of different kind of lumber from different manufacturers, we carefully selected the one and only one that fit our requirement of moisture content and physical property in elongation, breakpoint and distortion. We then validated the design in digital imaging and other necessary procedures to prove the design not only meets the specs, but also is safe to fly.


After approving the design, pre-cut lumber is transferred into CNC manufacturing program. After CNC, the semi-finished prop comes into shape. Each prop is manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance which makes Xoar Prop stand out from our competition. During the coating process, 2 layers of primer coating and 2 layers of glossy protection coating are applied in order to prevent corrosion. Each of the XOAR props is manually balanced. A set number of props were selected randomly in each batch and put on the testing bench for dynamic balance test, RPM test, and noise level check before they are packaged and leave the factory to our customers' hands.

Xoar PJN also offers a Pusher Series - PJN-P.


Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature, handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.

XOAR PJN Front View


Xoar PJN / PJI-E Beech wood propellers are made to the highest standards by combining excellent craftsmanship and technology. Xoar PJN / PJI-E is specially designed and manufactured for electric flights. The unique aerodynamic blades are shaped to produce the highest efficiency and stability when compared to plastic propellers available in the market. Xoar PJN / PJI-E also offers an amazing flight endurance when compared to plastic props due to its stronger blades and lighter weight. The light-weighted propellers put less strain on the electric motors and yield accurate performance in maneuvers by spinning up and slowing down in a speedy manner.

XOAR PJN Front View

Front View

XOAR PJN Side View

Side View

XOAR PJN Hub Shape

Hub Shape

XOAR PJN Closeup


PJN Electric Propeller PJM-E Painted Electric Propeller PJT-E Carbon Fiber Electric Propeller PJI-E 3 Blade Electric Propeller PJH-E F3A Electric Propeller
Material Beechwood Beechwood Carbon Fiber Beechwood Beechwood
Color Wood Black, Silver, Red, White Carbon Fiber Weave Wood Wood
Style Aerobatic Aerobatic Aerobatic Aerobatic F3A
Type Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
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