Easy Use Organic Stevia Powder 200g (7.05oz / 1600 Servings) All Natural Alternative Sweetener 12 x Sweeter than Processed Sugar USDA Certified No Artificial additives & fillers

Product Description

Enzo's Private Selection Organic Stevia Extract Powder

Enzo's Private Selection brings you one of the best organic sweeteners on the US market today, 120 Times Sweeter Than Sugar. Free from carbohydrates and calories Stevia Powder is a safer and healthier alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It enables you to add more versatility to your menu as you can use it to sweeten a variety of foods and drinks.

✔ INTENSE SWEET TASTE ::: Our Stevia Powder Is A Pure Natural Concentrate Which Means That It's Taste Is Extremely Sweet. In Fact, It Is 120 Times Sweeter Than Various Sorts Of Sugar Or Artificial Sweeteners. Therefore You Would Need Only Need As Little As 1/12 Tsp To Add A Flavor To A Drink Or Food.

✔ NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS ::: Raw Organic Stevia Extract with 0 Additives. The Product Is 100% Organic And Has NO Harmful Artificial Preservatives Such As Aspartame, Acesulfame Or Sucralose Which Can Still Be Found In Some Sweeteners Sold In Supermarkets.

✔ HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SUGAR ::: Enzo' S Stevia Powder Can Please Your Taste Buds Without Harming Your Health. You Can It To Sweeter Many Kinds Of Meals And Drinks. What's More, Thanks To Its Strong Fast It Will Last You For A Time.

✔ STRENGTHENS THE BODY ::: Good News For Everyone With A Sweet Tooth. Finally A Sweetener Which Protects The Health And Does Not Make You Put On Weight. Stevia Protects The Health Of Your Skin And Bones And Has A Positive Impact On Your Brain Function.

Need to Stirred to Dissolve, prefferable in hot water but also dissolves well in room temperature water just need more stiring

STEVIA ::: What is it & Why You Need Them

Stevia originates from South America where it has a long culinary tradition which has spread across the world. The extract is produced from an herb called Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni, grown and processed using special methods which do not involve the use of chemicals, solvents or artificial enzymes.

If you are a keen cook Stevia extract can soon become your favorite because it can be used for many different recipes. You may use it for baking your favorite cakes, sweetening teas or coffee or even add it to marinate to give it a more intense taste.


Improves Skin and Bone Health
Stevia helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and thus increases it’s the resistance against a self-inflicted or external damage.

Lowers Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure
Stevioside (one of natural chemical compounds in stevia) copies the function of insulin, the hormone which regulates the level of sugar in blood. Not only it can help reduce blood pressure and but also it keeps the blood sugar levels low. These benefits are very useful especially for the diabetes 2 patients.

High in Antioxidants
This pure organic sweetener contains a big number of antioxidant which are a natural protection against dangerous diseases.

Prevents Memory Loss and Premature Aging
Stevia supports the brain function and helps maintain the circulation of blood in your brain. As a result, there is a lesser chance of developing memory loss or other issues.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Any Aftertaste?
No, our extract has completely removed after tastes of stevia

Is It Bitter?
No, Only If you use too much it becomes bitter sweet

What's the Flavor?
Pure Sweetness, no flavourings

Can I Use It for Baking?
Yes, Absolutely - Our Stevia doesn't Brown But It is Amazing for Mug Cakes, Brownies and Short Cakes

Does It Contain Dextrose, Silicia, Inulin?

How Much To Use?
1/12 a small Pinch for tea & Coffee

Calories Compare to Sugar
0 Calorie

Dissolve Instantly?
No, But Easily Dissolve When Stired in Cold Or Hot Water

How Do I Store It?
Cool Dark Place, Keep Out Of The Sun

Shelf Live:
2 Years

How May Serving Per Container
0.125g (1/12 tsp) - Total 1600 Servings
1 Bag should you 2+ months

Where are the Stevia Grown & Produced:
Shangdong & Xinjiang, China

Aren’t Pure Stevia Green?
Stevia Are Green, Pure Extract Is White
We Only Extract The Sweetness of The Stevia Without Of Tangy Tea Taste It Has

Was Carcinogen 'Acetonitrile' Used To Process The Enzo Stevia Extract?

How was Enzo Stevia Extracted?
Food Grade Water & Alcohol To Extract, The Alcohol From Stevia was Burnt off During Extracting Leaving Only Pure 100% Stevia


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