Natural MCT Oil by Nuton, C8 and C10 only Blend from Organic Coconuts - 33.8oz (1 Liter) | No C12 (Lauric Acid), Great for Keto Diet and Morning Coffee | Keto and Paleo Certified

Product Description

► Kick your metabolism and brain into high gear

Nuton’s mindfully formulated MCT Oil delivers the healthy fats that readily convert into energy to enhance brain power and increase levels of active energy.

► No Lauric acid means more ketones and cleaner conversion of fatty acids to fuel

Nuton MCT Oil focuses on the most stable, shortest-chain, saturated fats (no longer chain lauric acid) to provide a readily available non-carbohydrate fuel source. By specifically excluding lauric acid, the healthy fats are more actively converted to ketones & energy for getting more done in your day. Lauric acid provides tons of health benefits and is over 50% of the fats found in coconut oil. We recommend adding inexpensive coconut oil to your diet as well and using it as a healthy cooking fat.

► Only the Best Ingredients for your Body!

Naturally sourced from organic coconuts, Nuton MCT Oil supports a mindful approach to living a happy life through healthy eating. So try Nuton MCT Oil today, and start working smarter not harder in achieving your goals and fueling your passions.

► MCT Oil Belongs in a Food Container not a Shampoo Bottle

No more oily mess! Nearly every MCT Oil comes in something that looks like a shampoo bottle instead of the type of bottle that other food and cooking oils come in. Bizarre, I know. Nuton MCT oil has a spill-resistant top so the oil goes where you want, not on the counter and down the side of the bottle.

► Larger Size for Free Servings

Bonus sized bigger than other 32oz. competitor bottles.

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