40pcs 12 Inch Brown Orange Yellow Latex Balloons with Confetti Balloon for Baby Shower Construction Zone Builder Animal Birthday Party Supplies Decorations

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Product Description

Haptda Construction Party Balloons are perfect to add a bright color, festive accent to a Construction or Builder theme birthday party, 1st boys girls birthday party, Graduation, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary celebrations, dances, garden party, Easter dinner, Halloween, Christmas, or all party.

Product Specification:

Construction Balloons, Confetti Balloons birthday party supplies

Material: High quality latex; Non-toxicity and harmlessness

Size: 12 Inches Large Size after inflated

Warm Prompt:

1. The balloons is weighing to count and pack, maybe there are some be damaged, with holes or quantity error (1- 2pcs).

2. The latex balloons only can be filled with Helium for 3-4hours, the confetti balloons with confetti weight, the float time is more short (about 1-2h), so strongly recommend fill them with air. Or you can take away some confetti and add Hi-Float inside to float longer!

3. To avoid the balloons stick together, there are some talcum powder on balloons surface, Please blow up the balloon with air pump to replace the mouth before wash.

Package List:

10x Brown Latex Balloons

10x Orange Latex Balloons

10x Yellow latex Balloons

10x Confetti Balloons

2x Gold Ribbon

Construction Birthday Party Supplies Builder Party Favors
Construction Party Decorations Balloons

Construction Party Decorations Balloons

Perfect for Baby Shower Construction Birthday Party Supplies Builder Party Favors

Construction Party Decorations confetti Balloons

Construction Confetti Balloons

After inflated, please rub gently with wool, hair, towel, carpet and roll the balloons to get static so that the confetti stick to the wall the balloon. And it is more easy to make it in low temperature room (Best Under 18°C). Such as, air-conditioned room. If the temperature is too high, it is difficult to get static. Like in winter have much static electricity than in summer. Pop the balloons will make a great fun when confetti flying out in party.

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