Brickell Men's Rapid Wash, Natural and Organic 3 in 1 Body Wash Gel for Men, 16 Ounce, Fresh Mint Scent

Product Description

Brickell Men's Rapid Wash - Natural & Organic 3 in 1 Body Wash Gel for Men

Founded in 2014, co-founders Josh Meyer & Matt Bolduc were looking for premium men's skincare & grooming products, but couldn't find a brand that met their needs. They wanted products that were not only the best on the market, but also ones that used natural ingredients. They also were looking for a brand they could relate to as men, something for the every day man. After months of searching, they decided to take the matter into their own hands and create Brickell.

What started in Matt's garage, has turned into the fastest growing men's skincare & grooming company in the world, selling in over 20 countries. Thousands of men are using their product daily, why not join them?

Brickell Men's Rapid Wash – Fresh Mint Scent

Looking to quickly remove oil, sweat, and impurities from your hair, face, and body without over drying or irritating? You’ve found the best natural hair and body wash for men.

Our invigorating, organic hair and body wash for men cleanses your hair, face, and body without stripping essential moisture. This men's 3 in 1 body wash is packed with extracts and vitamins that moisturize, while coconut based cleansers remove oil and grime.

How to Use It:

Use a generous amount on your hair, face, and body in the shower.

Apply to wet hair, face, and body, and rinse off. Use a netted sponge or washcloth for maximum lather. Follow with your Brickell skin care routine.

Powerful, Natural Ingredients:

Fresh Mint Scent: An energizing, fresh blend of peppermint, lemon, rosemary, spearmint, and eucalyptus essential oils.

Protein Amino Acids restore hair and skin with fundamental nutrients needed to be healthy and energized.


Vitamin E destroys free radicals on the skin and hair that can cause skin dryness, aging, and hair thinning.

Aloe Vera restores moisture and necessary vitamins to your skin and hair.

These - along with other powerful, natural ingredients - have been scientifically formulated to create the best all in one wash for men.

What Else Should You Know? This hair and body wash is all natural and organic. It comes in a fresh mint scent. If used twice daily, this bottle will last approximately 45 days.

All our products contain zero sulfates, parabens, glycols, phthalates, petrochemicals, silicones, PEG’s, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or gluten.

Always vegan, no animal testing, & premium organic ingredients.

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