Liyic 4in.Square 16 Pack Felt Sliders for Hard Surfaces-Felt Furniture Sliders - Heavy Duty Sliders - Reusable Hardwood Floor Sliders -Furniture Moving Sliders-Sofa Sliders Gliders Glides Movers

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Product Description

  • CONTAINS:16-pack 4in.Square felt Moving slider
  • Liyic is a leader in the design, development, and distribution of innovative surface protection and floor care products.
  • Liyic uses cutting-edge research and development, industrial engineering and design, and an unprecedented commitment to excellence to deliver quality consumer products for your beautiful home.
  • Get the help you need when moving or rearranging furniture with Liyic Felt Hard Floor Sliders. Perfect to handle those larger, heavier objects in your home, these handy sliders are designed specifically to move on hardwood surfaces easily without any damage to your floors or furniture.
  • Whether redecorating, cleaning, organizing or moving, simply place the sliders under the object and get moving without any additional help or paying movers to do it for you. It’s that easy.
  • We have various sizes, styles and colors furniture sliders selling at Amazon.Please go visiting our store for choosing suitable furniture sliders to protect your beautiful floor.

Make Moving A One Person Job


  • By putting Liyic furniture sliders under the furniture,you can shuffled the heavy furniture around without any hassle!
  • Liyic Furniture Glides could have been happily gliding across hard floor with minimal effort BY YOURSELF while you try to figure out the best position for your furniture-yep, it’s not just you who likes to rearrange furniture every few months.
  • Liyic furniture slider makes home clean up and furniture rearranging a million times easier! Also when you re-decorate your house or move to a new house,you need Liyic Furniture Slider!

Moving Made Easy!

  1. Liyic furniture Gliders reduce friction so well that moving these items was like having them on wheels.
  2. Make moving furniture the easiest part of your move or remodel with Liyic reusable Furniture movers. With these furniture sliders, you don’t have to worry about moving large items across hard floor.
  3. Simply put them under your large and heavy items and they’ll help you quickly and easily move your items across wooden floor!Made of durable rubber foam, these furniture sliders provide proper weight distribution and a secure grip, making it easy to move furniture into your new home!
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3.5"Beige 3" 9"*2.5" and 3.5" 6"*3.5" 3.5"Brown
size 3.5in. 3in. 9in.*2.5in. and 3.5in. 6in.*3.5in. 3.5in.
item package Qty. 16 20 8 12 16
shape Round Square Rectangle and Round Oval Round
color Beige Beige Beige Brown Brown
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